Simple Summer Suppers 3: 6 Frozen Saviours For The Week

Fabulous frozen feasts for every occasion

Simple Summer Suppers 3: 6 Frozen Saviours For The Week

Now that the sun is shining (well, sort of) and little ones are out of school, who has the time to cook up a storm in the kitchen? But that doesn't mean foregoing delicious, nutrient-rich meals. The trick to creating tasty dishes in no time is relying on the freezer for quick, easy meals that involve minimum effort but maximum satisfaction. Frozen food is so much more than just peas and oven fries - you can create a whole feast for the family with exciting, bold flavours and seasonal produce, straight from the freezer. 

In the third installment of our Simple Summer Suppers series, we're focusing on saving time and effort in the kitchen with frozen foods. Whether you make a frozen dish the centrepiece of your quick, easy meals or choose to combine freezer ingredients with fresh ones, cutting down your cooking time has never been easier. From a veggie burger with a tropical twist to barbecued chicken skewers in less than 20 minutes, friends and family will be blown away by these summery dishes. We've even got a super simple way to revive tired Sunday roast leftovers - in just five minutes! Discover why the frozen food aisle is your summer supper saviour below...

Tropical Butternut Squash Burgers served with rice and peas and pineapple salsa 

Inject a little sunshine into your dinner plate with these sizzling butternut squash, mixed peppers and coconut burgers. Serve this vegetarian main with a spicy pineapple salsa and a side of rice and peas. For something extra special, try chargrilling some fresh pineapple to serve on top of the burgers. These tasty burgers can be cooked from frozen in under 30 minutes - leaving you more time to sit outside and soak up the sunshine (erm, or rain...)!

Vegetarian kale, pesto and sweetcorn bites served with spiraled veg

Looking for a quick and easy snack? These veggie bites are just the thing! Or for a more substantial meal, while these tasty bites are in the oven (they only need about16 minutes), prepare some spiralised vegetables to serve on the side. A healthy dinner in less than 20 minutes - perfect!

Chicken Tikka skewers served with cucumber pickle and tortilla wraps

Want a summery BBQ dinner but don’t have time to marinade the meat? These Chicken Tikka skewers are perfect for grilling. Simply cook in the oven from frozen for about 20 minutes, then throw on the barbecue for that delicious, charred flavour. Serve with tart cucumber pickle, lightly grilled tortilla wraps, a spicy mango chutney and creamy yoghurt dip. 

Chilli Beef Diavolo Wood fired ciabbata dish with ES Courgetti, Edamame bean salad and Garlic Mayo Sauce

There’s no need to travel abroad for a delicious pizza - Asda’s artisan pizzas are lovingly stretched and topped in Italy. Hungry bellies will love the Diavolo Chilli Beef Stonebaked Pizza Pala dished up with a green salad and some garlic mayo. Add an edamame bean salad, invite the girls round and you’ve got yourself a party!

Leftover lamb with Ras-el Hanout served with Giant Couscous

Got any leftover lamb from Sunday’s roast? Transform your leftovers by serving on top of fluffy couscous and quinoa and mixed garden veg, drizzled with a fragrant herb dressing. The handy microwavable steam bags means you can whip up a hearty meal in less than 5 minutes. 

Vegetarian and Goats Cheese Burgers

Make a meat-free feast that even hardcore carnivores will love with Asda’s sweet beetroot and veg roast, topped with melting goat’s cheese - perfect for serving like burger with plenty of salad and red onion chutney. Can be cooked from frozen in just 25 minutes. 

Find more Simple Summer Suppers inspiration on Asda's Instagram, and don't forget to check back next week for more quick and easy recipe ideas in our Simple Summer Supper series!