Rainbow lattes are almost too pretty to drink

These videos showing how these colourful concoctions are made will mesmerise you

Rainbow lattes are almost too pretty to drink

We're all about adding a little something special to our morning cup of coffee - whether it's sprinkling a dash of sweet spice, serving coffee in an ice cream cone or even topping your java with crunchy meringues! But this latest Instagram trend may be the prettiest coffee trend yet. 

Introducing rainbow lattes - the perfect way to inject a bit of colour into your regular cup of Joe.

 These pretty coffee concotions are making waves on social media with clever baristas sharing mesmerising videos of the process. Prepare to be amazed...


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Pretty incredible, right? These cheery rainbow lattes are made by dropping food colouring into steamed milk before careful pouring into beautiful designs. 


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Colourful food creations have been trending for months, with amazing inventions like unicorn toast and rainbow bagels popping up all over social media. When unicorn hot chocolate appeared just a couple of months ago, it was only a matter of time before our morning cup of coffee was next. 


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 This colourful coffee trend is believed to have been created by Emily Coumbis, a barista who works at Piggy Back Cafe in Australia. Here's hoping that UK coffee shops embrace the trend soon! 


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