Strawberry kebabs

8 delicious recipes to celebrate world chocolate day

Stockpile the chocolate as things are about to get very tasty...

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8 delicious recipes to celebrate world chocolate day

Chocoholics won't need an excuse to unwrap their favourite bar or get stuck into a tasty chocolatey treat today, as July 7 marks World Chocolate Day. 

And despite what you might think, chocolate recipes aren't just for winter. There are endless ways to gobble up a bite of the sweet confection in summer - think lollies, chocolate stuffed bananas for the BBQ and brunch pancakes.

So celebrate World Chocolate Day in style with our tasty recipes. 

Chocolate mint lollies

Feeling the heat? Chill out on hot summer days with our easy-to-make lollies which include refreshing mint ice cream and a crunchy nut coating. These treats are certainly top of the (lolly) pops!

Chocolate strawberry kebabs

The good thing about chocolate is that it's so versatile. It tastes great by itself, even better in a dessert and oh-so-heavenly when it's melted. If you've got any dark chocolate in the cupboards, make sure you use it for this recipe. Simply melt it down with some cream and Grand Marnier or orange juice, and dip your fruit. Yum!

Chocolate banana parcels

Crack out the barbecue and make these easy and tasty parcels as they'll be a big hit with the kids. Or for a change, swap the chocolate for mini marshmallows, fudge or chocolate raisins.

Orange and chocolate pancakes

Perfect for Saturday mornings or lazy Sundays, all chocolate fans will love these squidgy treats with a citrus tang.

Chocolate and pistachio cookies

There's nothing quite like a crunchy chocolatey cookie. Try getting the kids to help make these chocolate and pistachio ones. You can get creative and replace the pistachios with your own choice of nuts – try almonds, brazils or pecans.

Chocolate fridge cake

This fridge cake has got to be a firm family favourite and would be great for bringing to a summer fair. Get the kids to help decorate with icing or use any leftover sugary treats up by topping the cake with them. 

Chocolate and rosebud meringues

Treat yourself to these pretty meringues which are perfect with an afternoon cuppa or romantic drinks.


Feeling inspired to whip up a chocolate treat? Make sure you pick up everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.