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Granchester’s Robson Green on his favourite foodie memories

We talk to the TV treasure about his love of fishing, growing veg, and how to make the perfect Yorkshires...

Granchester’s Robson Green on his favourite foodie memories

Dudley-bred actor Robson Green, 51, loves food just about as much as he loves acting. Or at least, that's what it sounded like when we quizzed him about his love for grub.

‘In Thailand, I ate chicken’s feet and spicy ducks’ tongues – which were both divine’

Known for his role as Detective Inspector Geordie Keating in ITV's drama Granchester and for presenting TV shows such as Extreme Fishing, Robson really knows his stuff when it comes to the best way to cook a fish supper, getting the perfect Yorkshire puds and eating out in Northumberland.

Read on for a food-focused peak into the actor's life.

Who’s your cooking inspiration?

My grandmother, Sarah Green was like a Michelin chef. Most of her sons worked down the mines and she cared for them through food, such as freshly baked bread, game like pigeon and goose that she plucked herself and homegrown vegetables.

Do you grow your own veg?

Yes, and I cook all my meals from scratch most days.

Top cooking tip?

Bake Yorkshire puddings in a sizzling hot oven with beef dripping and never open the door while they’re cooking. My grandmother told me the batter should look like snot! 

What are your guilty pleasures?

Wispa chocolate bars. One night I knew there was one in the fridge and I couldn’t sleep until I ate it. I also love Melton Mowbray pork pies with homemade chutney.

Best food discovery?

I spent eight months working in Thailand two years ago on the drama Strike Back and ate everything from chicken’s feet to spicy ducks’ tongues – which were both divine.

Quick weekday supper?

I’m a big fan of Rick Stein. I make a delicious dish of his with sea salt prawnsolive oil, sea saltlemon rind and garlic.

Do you diet?

I’m on a fitness regime for a TV show at the moment, so sadly my meals consist of grilled fish, chicken and protein shakes. It’s making me feel a bit edgy!

Coffee or a tipple?

Coffee. I don’t drink alcohol but I’m a coffee addict. I can get through five triple shots a day.

Favourite fish? 

Haddock. The meat is solid because the fish swims around a lot – unlike cod, which is a sluggish creature and tends to be fluffy and light.

How do you like to cook it? 

Lightly grilled with lemon juice and salt. Any food coming from the earth or out of the ocean should be kept simple.

Dream dinner party guests?

Isaac Newton, who gave us the principles of natural philosophy; Billy Connolly, who’s one of the funniest men alive; and Helen Mirren – I’m a massive fan.

Restaurant of choice? 

A beautiful wooden hut on the beach in Northumberland called Crusoes. The fish and chips and bacon sandwiches are exquisite.

Favourite snack? 

I make my own crisps, slicing potatoes really thin, cooking them in really hot lard and then lightly salting them.

Anything you avoid eating?

Fast food. A good meal takes care and commitment. The last drive-thru I had was out of desperation otherwise I would have passed out at the wheel.

What would your last supper be?

A classic tomato soup with homemade garlic bread, followed by a turkey dinner with all the trimmings and then Christmas pudding. If I’ve got to go, I’ll go out with a blast! 


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