Ruby Wax talks marmite, sausages and culinary disasters

'I've never tried to impress my husband in the kitchen - and I never will!'

Ruby Wax talks marmite, sausages and culinary disasters

Comedian, author and mum of three Ruby Wax, 64, lives in London with her husband Ed Bye, 62, a TV director and producer. 


What kind of cook are you?

"I’m not a good cook. My family aren’t great cooks either. My grandmother once even boiled a chicken – I remember seeing a pot with a claw coming out of the top!"


What food did you eat growing up?

"My dad manufactured casings for Vienna sausages, so we ate them most days. I got so sick of eating them Mum tried to disguise them and convince me they were chicken. They were still sausages, though."


What do you like eating now?

"Paleo bread, made without flour and using honey instead of sugar, is fantastic. I don’t like complicated food – I opt for things like chicken legs you can eat with your fingers!"


What country has the best cuisine?
"I have a house in Cape Town and everything there is delicious. A local restaurant called Raw and Roxy makes chocolate cake out of avocado and without using sugar – it tastes better than normal chocolate cake! Its Rocket Fuel smoothie, made with frozen bananas, coconut yogurt and vanilla cashew milk, is also amazing."


Do you follow an eating regime?

"I’ve tried many diets over the years but, for about a year, I haven’t eaten bread, rice or pasta. I like quantity and this way I feel I can eat more without getting fat – and I’ve never been this thin in my life!"

Which chef do you most admire?

"I was friends with Nigella Lawson before she was famous and I really rate her recipes. It’s really good comfort food – my favourite kind of food! I love her Moroccan lamb."


Biggest culinary disaster?

"When I was 25 I wanted to impress a big director who was coming for dinner, but I panicked and just kept making rice. I forgot to stuff the peppers and ended up making four courses with the bland grain, including rice pudding. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job!"


Best foodie moment ever?

"When I was a kid, eating a cherry-topped hot fudge sundae in a soda bar in Chicago where I grew up. That’s the image of America that I still have."


Your ideal dinner on Valentine’s Day?

"A hot fudge sundae, of course! Valentine’s Day is all about indulging. When you’ve been married so long, it doesn’t matter if you get fat. I’ve never tried to impress my husband Ed in the kitchen – and I never will!"

Love it! - "Caesar salad. I always order it from room service with a pot of tea!"

Guilty pleasure- "I'll wolf down a chocolate bar, but it has to be the expensive, dark sort."

Hate it - "Marmite. It's revolting. It should be used for tarmacking your driveaway."

Ruby’s new book, How To Be Human: The Manual, is available now.