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Rukmini Iyer’s delicious one pot traybakes for easy midweek meals

For glazed salmon to tender chicken and Middle Eastern inspired veg, these one pot wonders are perfect for quick dinners

Rukmini Iyer’s delicious one pot traybakes for easy midweek meals

If there's one thing the writer of The Roasting Tin knows, it's how to cook a delicious, nutritious family meal with minimum washing up.

Rukmini Iyer is known for amazing 'one pot wonder' recipes - each of which is cooked in the oven in a single oven tray.

‘As a food stylist, I can spend all day in the kitchen,’ says Rukimini, whose role often sees her styling delicious dishes for Good Living photoshoots.

‘I love the buzz and creativity, but it means the last thing I feel like doing when I get home is standing over the hob.

‘A few years ago, I started to adapt dishes such as steak fajitas, cooking them in the oven instead. That way, I can have a bath or sort myself out for the following day while dinner cooks. Plus, because each meal is cooked in just one roasting tin, I don’t have a sinkful of pans to contend with before bed.’

And so in 2017, inspired by this clever yet simple solution, Rukmini wrote The Roasting Tin, the first in a series of brilliant cookbooks packed with delicious recipes, each baked in one tin.

‘My ethos with my recipes is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for ease,’ adds Rukmini. ‘I wanted to introduce as much flavour as possible with minimum effort – you pretty much just throw in all the ingredients and leave them to do their thing. It couldn’t be easier.’

Try it for yourself with our selection of Rukmini’s recipes from her books...

Sticky soy salmon with asparagus and sugar snap peas

Ready in just 30 minutes, this speedy fish dish with Asian influences guarantees perfectly cooked salmon every time.

Rukmini describes this as, ‘Succulent salmon and tender roasted veg with a zip of red chilli and a crunchy peanut finish.’

Honey-roasted carrots and parsnips with quinoa and rocket

This wholesome meat-free dish with caramelised root veg and filling quinoa makes a great vegetarian main for four, or will feed six as a side.

Rukmini says, 'This vibrant veggie dish teams sweet glazed root veg with peppery rocket for a tray full of flavour.'

Avocado and chicken salad with pomegranates and brown rice

This fresh and vibrant chicken traybake is a great way to make chicken breasts go further.

Rukmini describes the dish as, 'Tender chicken with creamy avocado and hot chilli is offset by a cooling pomegranate dressing.'

Have Rukmini's traybakes got you feeling inspired to cook up a storm for dinner this week? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.