Salad cakes by Vegedeco

These salad cakes will blow (and confuse) your mind

This is the new foodie hybrid everyone's talking about

These salad cakes will blow (and confuse) your mind

There's a new dessert taking Japan by storm and, despite the gorgeous designs you see here, all is not as it seems – because these beautiful cakes are made from salad. That's right, SALAD. Salad cakes, as they are known, are a fusion of healthy vegetables and sponge (albeit gluten free) in one glorious looking dessert.

Confused? Creator Misuki Moriyasu, a Japanese food stylist and designer, wanted to change the way we see salad and make eating vegetables a fun and enjoyable experience, rather than something we feel we have to get through to maintain our health. 

So how does she do it? The basic ‘cake’ component is a spongy gluten-free base made from soybean flour, with little to no sugar added, while the ‘frosting’ is composed of whipped tofu or cream cheese – dyed using vegetables, of course. Last but not least, the filling is made entirely from a rainbow of veg, from salad essentials such as carrots and red cabbage to roots and even vegetable peels for that extra nutritional boost. 

While we can’t speak for the taste, we certainly can agree that they look stunning. 

Misuki Moriyasu came up with the idea while she was working at the Bistro La Porte Marseille restaurant in Nagoya, Japan, last year. The cakes became so popular that they’ve inspired their own dedicated café, which opened its doors just this week. Prices starting at around 735 yen (approximately £4.60) and we're hoping, like many other Japanese trends (hello sheet masks), they make it over to the UK. If the cakes have caught your interest, head over to the Vegiedeco Café's website to check out more amazing (and let’s face it, highly confusing) salad cake creations.

Feeling inspired to create your own? Head to Asda online to pick up all your supplies, and don't forget a healthy dose of salad!

Images from: Vegedecosalad