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3 simple summer salad dressings to make at home

Give your salad the A-list treatment with one of these simple dressing ideas

3 simple summer salad dressings to make at home

From simple Caesars to middle-eastern feasts, summer salads come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing they have in common is a delicious dressing.

A well constructed dressing can bring a whole dish together and really let all the individual flavours shine through.

To help you get adventurous with your dressings, we've devised three simple recipes that pair well with all your favourite summer flavours. So the next time you're planning an epic salad, mix up your dressing game. 

Honey & mustard

A classic flavour combination, this dressing is so versatile you can use it on any salad, but works particularly well with strong peppery leaves like rocket and watercress and bitter leaves like chicory. Honey brings out the sweetness in fresh produce, while mustard adds a peppery kick to wake up the flavours and keep things lively.

All you need is rapeseed oilwhite wine vinegarclear honey and wholegrain or Dijon mustard. Mix together then drizzle over your leaves and toss together.

Try it with: Garlic, prawn and pancetta skewers served with a dressed bistro salad


Coriander & lime

This thick, creamy dressing is simple to make and goes really well with spicy flavours to cool the palate. Perfect for spicy fish salads, marinated chicken salads, or even with crispy spiced potatoes, it holds its shape well so also works well in wraps and sandwiches.

To make, simply combine mayonnaisereduced-fat crème fraîche, a squeeze of lime, thinly sliced spring onions, crushed garlic and fresh coriander

Try it with: Spicy chickpea salad with Mediterranean vegetables


This sweet and saucy dressing works with everything from creamy avocado to mild baby leaves thanks to its mild-natured flavours with a slight tang.

A classic for summer salads, this dressing requires strawberriesolive oilbalsamic vinegarlemonpoppy seeds and some mint. Blitz in a blender until smooth, then season before pouring over your salad.

Try it with: Steak, avocado & beetroot salad

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