10 savoury chocolate dishes that will become instant crowd pleasers

Delicious chocolate recipes that you can tuck into for dinner

10 savoury chocolate dishes that will become instant crowd pleasers

We love indulging in a bit of chocolate at the end of the meal, but there’s no need to limit this sweet ingredient to puddings only. When incorporated in small amounts, chocolate can add lovely depth of flavour and complexity to a variety of dishes - even savoury ones! 

When incorporated in small amounts, chocolate can add lovely depth of flavour and complexity to a variety of dishes - even savoury ones!

While most of us are used to enjoying chocolate in puds and desserts, the flavour of cocoa powder or a high percentage dark chocolate is actually quite rich and more bitter than sweet. This intense flavour makes chocolate an excellent accompaniment to a variety of meat dishes, from beef and chicken to lamb and game. But chocolate works equally well with earthy vegetables, like mushrooms and aubergine. 

Feeling adventurous? Celebrate National Chocolate Week with an exciting new take on everyone's favourite dessert ingredient. You only need a little bit, and you needn't tell the rest of the family what you're up to until they've gobbled up their meal! In most of the ideas and recipes with chocolate below, you won't really be able to taste the chocolate itself but will love the extra flavour and richness that it imparts. 

From beef stew and barbecue sauce to popcorn and porridge, discover 10 delicious savoury recipes with chocolate. 

Chunky chilli

There's nothing like a warming bowl of chilli on a cold night. The secret ingredient in this flavour-packed stew made with chunks of medallion steak is chocolate, which gives the chilli a gorgeous, rich flavour.

Cocoa-rubbed meat

Meat rubs are a brilliant way to add flavour and complexity to your dish, and dry rubs are ideal for meats that require long cooking time as they won’t burn. Meat rubs are really just a blend of herbs and spices, and are so easy to make. Next time you're putting together a meat rub, try adding a tablespoon of cocoa powder to create a rich flavour. This works especially well with beef brisket, steak or ribs. 

Mole sauce

This popular Mexican dish is made with chilli, onions, garlic and all-important dark chocolate that gives the sauce its beautiful colour. Use mole sauce on top of grilled chicken, turkey or pork, or as a dressing for veggie-filled enchiladas. Yum!

Chocolate popcorn shards

Salty and sweet are a perfect match, and this chocolate popcorn recipe is the ultimate snacking treat. Using some 70% cocoa solids chocolate in the mix creates irresistible shards that break easily. Perfect for movie night! 

Barbecue sauce

For a real treat, experiment with dark chocolate or cocoa powder in your favourite BBQ sauce recipe. Many barbecue sauces are full of rich, sweet and savoury flavour already, so adding a teaspoon or two of chocolate is a great way to deepen those flavours. 

Chocolate vinaigrette

You won't taste the chocolate in this balsamic vinaigrette, but it adds a subtle sweetness to the tangy dressing. Drizzle over roasted veggies or fruit salads. 

Chocolate porridge

Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please! To jazz up your morning bowl of porridge, prepare as usual and then try swirling in a tablespoon of your favourite chocolate spread or sprinkling some cacao nibs on top. The perfect way to wake up! 

Beef stew

This dark chocolate and red wine stew uses melt-in-the-mouth beef shin and warming spices to create the ultimate cold weather dish. We'll have seconds, please!


Vegetables like mushrooms and aubergines share similar earthy tasting notes to dark chocolate, which makes them perfect companions. Sicilians have long known that cocoa and aubergine are a perfect match, which is why a traditional caponata (sweet and sour sauce made with aubergines) includes grated chocolate. 


It seems like a strange pairing but fish like salmon and tilapia actually work well with a white chocolate sauce! To make, simply combine butter, lemon juice, fish stock or white wine and butter to make a light, creamy sauce. Next, add in a few squares of white chocolate to take that creaminess to the next level and add just a hint of sweetness. 

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