Protein pancakes

Brilliant Last-Minute Savoury and Sweet Pancake Ideas

The only pancake recipes you'll need this Shrove Tuesday

By Kate Gilbert, 08 February 2016
Brilliant Last-Minute Savoury and Sweet Pancake Ideas

Pancake day is here, but there is no need to flip out if you've left preparations until the last minute. Follow our delicious yet easy recipes and achieve pancake perfection in no time at all! Make life even easier, our no-mess Chosen by you Pancake Batter Mix – just add water then shake it up for perfect batter.


American pancake recipe


Stack 'em up! Our American Pancake recipe never fails to impress. Thick, fluffy and delicious, simply drizzle in maple syrup and serve with streaky bacon for breakfast, or fruit and nuts for a unique take on dessert. We love them at any time of day! 

If you don't fancy whipping up our tried and tested recipe, cheat with our Baker's Selection Scotch Pancakes.


Hidden pineapple pancake recipe


Impress your friends with our totally tropical take on pancakes: Sweet and juicy fruit disguised in light buttermilk batter and cooked to golden perfection. Try our hidden pineapple pancake recipe and whip up this tasty treat in under 20 minutes.


Chocolate pancake and banana recipe


Switch up your Scotch pancakes by mixing up the ratio of flour to cocoa powder and you have yourself yummy chocolate pancakes! We used 70% flour to 30% cocoa powder and topped with caramelized bananas for a decadent treat. Chocolate goes with everything right? 


Spinach and mushroom pancake recipe


This spinach pancake recipe is a tasty, savoury twist on the popular dish and has a cheesy filling that's almost too moreish! We have boosted the five a day potential with added sauteed mushrooms. Roll these up and place in a baking tray sprinkled with some grated cheese for a satisfying dinner option. What would you add?


Sweetcorn and avocado salsa pancake recipe


Our sweetcorn cakes with zingy avocado salsa make a delicious brunch, lunch or dinner dish. Find more savoury pancake recipes to try on Shrove Tuesday.


Gluten free crepes recipe


Holy Crepe! Check out our Gluten-free crepes recipe to make thin, crispy pancakes that can be served sweet or savoury.  We love them with pan-fried pears and gluten free ice-cream or crème fraiche. Check out our Free-From selection for all your pancake needs. 


Protein pancake recipe


Pancakes with a punch! Protein pancakes are a great way to use up over ripe bananas… just mash them up with a couple of eggs and you have yourself a flour free pancake batter. We have topped ours with blueberries and yoghurt. How would you top yours? 


Dutch baby pancake recipe


This Dutch Baby pancake recipe is best straight from the oven while it is still puffy. Impress your friends with this fun brunch option that is super easy to make and great for sharing. You can switch up the fruit with your favourites.  

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