The best Scandinavian recipes for summer dining

Add some pared-back Nordic cool to your life with our Scandinavian food favourites

The best Scandinavian recipes for summer dining

Caroline Fleming is a Danish cook and TV presenter. She shared her love of Scandinavian food in her 2017 cookbook Cook Yourself Happy.

Caroline says: "The Scandi kitchen is actually a lot like the Mediterranean kitchen, in that our ingredients are local, fresh and delicious, served simply with olive oil, fresh lemon and pink Himalayan salt.

"It's not all pickled herring and meatballs! We are surrounded by water so our seafood is extremely rich, with an abundance of sea trout, cod and fjord prawns - perfect for topping open sandwiches. And we love to eat with the seasons, so during the summer months, the street vendors come out with their homegrown peas, new potatoes and cherries.

"I think Scandinavian food is having a moment because it's so simple," says Caroline. "It's about healthier eating and affordable family meals that are achievable but still look sophisticated."

Try a taste of the Scandi food scene at home with some of Caroline's recipes below.

Beetroot röstis with smoked salmon & cucumber pickle

Cooked beetroot adds an earthy sweetness and a gorgeous pinky hue to these classic röstis topped with smoked salmon. Caroline says: "When it's really ripe, beetroot can be as sweet as blackcurrant cordial - I love it!"

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Smoked mackerel open sandwiches

Fragrant and floral smoked fish brings out the deep, earthy sweetness of rye bread in these open sandwiches. Caroline says: "These are the daily lunch of lots of Danish people, found in offices and restaurants alike."

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Swedish meatballs with creamy mash

A hearty and satisying Scandi comfort food, these pork meatballs doused in a creamy gravy are the ultimate Swedish crowd-pleaser. Caroline says: "Meatballs are very popular in our home. My daughter loves to make them."

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Chocolate & raspberry cloud cake

This Swedish brownie-like cake, known as "kladdkaka" locally, has a gorgeous crispy top and umptuous, gooey centre. Caroline says: "This fluffy, gooey pudding is fabulous for any occasion, whether you're having guests for tea or a dinner party."

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Apple and dill G&T

Fancy something Scandi to go with your tasty banquet? Try this fresh and fruity take on a classic gin and tonic, made with a sprig of dill and cloudy apple juice.

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Feeling inspired to whip up a Scandi supper? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.