Lobster on a black table

Discover the secret to creating perfect seafood

Yes, you CAN cook lobster at home!

Discover the secret to creating perfect seafood

Spring is here, summer is on its way – and nothing goes with the sunshine quite liked well cooked seaood recipes. Our Instagram has all the recipes you need this April for perfect seafood dishes whether you’re creating dinner for two, feeding the family or entertaining guests. Take inspiration from the beautiful pictures and follow the simple seafood recipes to whip up a delicious feast your own home. 

Entertainment value

Want to show off this weekend?  Nothing says 'wow' quite like a whole lobster with hot butter sauce – and we will let you in on a little secret now: you can buy a whole cooked lobster for just £7 at Asda!

The ultimate fish Friday

If you want to give home cooking an extra special twist that the whole family can enjoy this Friday then why not try a master class in creating the perfect tempura prawns? A light batter on mixed mixed seafood is perfect for dipping into garlic butter, sweet chilli sauce and more.

Start with style

Spice up Saturday nights with a twist of lime and ginger in a simple and fresh recipe using frozen prawns.  This seafood recipe for prawns with ginger and lime is the perfect crowd-pleasing starter, but it only takes 10 minutes to prepare and comes in at just £1.74 per serving!

Lunchtime wow factor

Frozen crab claws are surprisingly easy to cook and give real wow factor as part of a lunchtime seafood platter. Just add hot butter sauce with some chilli or herbs of your choice to a pack of crab claws, which are available from Asda for just £4!

Showing off in style

We always thought we would have to head out to a fancy restaurant to have grilled lobster tails, but it turns out they are really easy to prepare at home. We cooked ours both with and without breadcrumbs for a bit of variety, but the choice is yours! Experiment a little and see what takes your fancy!

If the lobster tails aren’t quite enough then why not go all out and serve a lobster and prawn thermidor with salad or skinny fries, as a special treat next time you have friends over or a romantic evening in with your man? It will be ready in 45-minutes, fitting into those busy schedules we’ve all got going on but still gives you all those domestic goddess credentials. Most importantly, it’s the perfect treat at the end of the week and you definitely deserve it!

Find everything you need for perfect seafood this month at Asda Groceries.​