Simon Rimmer’s ultimate egg recipes

From shakshuka to bobotie and beyond...

Simon Rimmer’s ultimate egg recipes

When we think about Easter we often think about chocolate eggs, but the humble, savoury hens egg is just as egg-citing to us!

They are a source of protein, versatile and inexpensive plus they’re one of the only foods that everyone would be happy to eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Sunday Brunch chef and restaurateur Simon Rimmer is the ambassador for British Lion eggs and is a big fan. We spoke to Simon about his most innovative egg recipes – we’re talking a burrito made of egg. Yes, really.

Why should we all be eating eggs?

Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins – combined with plenty of veg they can make a healthy meal at any time of day. They’re really versatile too – I love a boiled egg but there’s so much more you can do with them - think curries to quesadillas and everything inbetween. They are quick to cook too – the original fast food. You can always rustle up a tasty meal if you have eggs in the fridge.

What dinners would you suggest people try with eggs?

Bobotie – a spicy South African dish combining egg, fish and potatoes. It’s an easy recipe but looks impressive, plus it’s tasty too – a good recipe if you’ve got friends over for dinner but don’t have time to cook something that takes ages or requires lots of faffing around. 

Salmon and egg kedgeree – eggs and salmon are a winning combination. This is a go-to dish for me. It’s satisfying and delicious.

How do you make the perfect poached egg?

I’ve managed to get this down to an art over the years and now I’ve passed this technique on to my children too. All you need is a large pan of water that you have brought to a rolling boil, then add 1 tsp of salt and 2 tsp of clear vinegar. Crack the egg into a ramekin then tip into a pan of swirling water. Cook for 3 mins for a beautiful runny yolk – done! You can’t beat something simple done well. Of course eat poached eggs for a simple meal, but there’s also many a dish that can be taken from average to sublime by adding a poached egg on top of it – from a piece of grilled fish to a salad or even a risotto.

If you're not feeling confident about poaching, this handy silicone egg poacher is guaranteed to give you perfect poached eggs! 

What's the best thing you can make with eggs for breakfast?

Shakshuka eggs – these days shakshuka, a Middle-Eastern classic, has become much more popular. I like to make mine a bit more ‘eggciting’, throwing in some feta and homemade green salsa which gives it a bit more of a burst of herby freshness. My family love to get stuck in, dunking some sourdough bread into the runny yolks, it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. Food that is a joy to share.

What's the most innovative recipe you've seen using eggs as the main ingredient?

There’s so much you can do with eggs and there are a lot of interesting recipes out there from all around the world, but I would say my no-bread burritos. I make a burrito filling with rice, avocado, tomato, chilli and lime. Then instead of a tortilla wrap I use eggs to create a sort of thin omelette to fill and then roll up. The egg wrap is a great healthy alternative and it’s certainly innovative. There’s nothing wrong with a good old egg mayo sandwich but this definitely takes lunch to a new level!

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