Chicken and leek casserole

Simple ways to glam up winter veg

Here's how to give your potatoes, carrots, parsnips, cabbage and leeks the star treatment

Simple ways to glam up winter veg

There are lots of things we love about autumn: the cosy knitwear, the great TV, and not to mention the comfort food. And while it's easy to load up our plates with pastas, stews and casseroles, there's also an abundance of hearty winter veg to dig into.

Not only are carrots, potatoes, cabbage, leeks, cauliflowers and parsnips at their most delicious at this time of year, they're also an inexpensive main ingredient to help save those pennies.

Scroll on to discover our favourite classic and more creative ways to cook up wonderful winter veg.


Sweet and earthy, the humble carrot is capable of so many different textures and flavours when given a little love - and it works in so many different types of cuisine, too!

Classic: Give your rostis or bhajis a little lift with some sweet carrot; the carrot keeps its crunch, giving the fried bites a lovely texture.

Creative: For a low fat alternative to houmous, blend roasted carrots with yogurt, garlic and spices to make this Middle Eastern-inspired creamy dip.

Middle-Eastern creamy carrot dip


Nothing beats a good old spud. From mash to roasties, chips to Dauphinoise, there are 101 ways to eat this glorious veg.

Classic: To maximise your roast potatoes' surface area for optimum crispiness, try our tasty hasselback potato recipe.

Creative: We've all heard of using cauliflower in a pizza base, but have you ever tried potato as a pizza base before? Like a cross between pizza and a giant hash brown, this gluten-free wonder is the ultimate in weekend indulgences. Or, if brunch is more your cup of tea, these potato scones are the perfect combination of soft, crisp and buttery. Serve with a poached egg on top for the ultimate weekend brekkie.

Crispy and delicious hasselback potatoes


While different types of cabbage come into season at different points in the year, British classics like Savoy and other ball-headed cabbages are at their finest from November to March.

Classic: We love this leafy green sautéed and served with a roast dinner, or stir-fried with noodles, but there are plenty more fun ways to eat up cabbage.

Creative: For a fun twist on a spinach and ricotta pizza, swap the spinach for cabbage in this easy homemade recipe. Alternatively, try wrapping Savoy cabbage leaves around butternut squash risotto, like in this recipe. As it cooks, the cabbage absorbs the buttery flavour of the risotto - even fussy eaters will wolf this down!

Savoy cabbage adds colour and bite to this stir-fry


Sweeter than onions, delicate leeks are at their best from September through to March, and work brilliantly as a base for everything from risottos to soups and sauces to stews.

Classic: If you're after something that lets leeks really shine, partner the veg with potatoes. Floury potatoes are the perfect carrier for leek's silky sweet finish, making for a match made in vegetable heaven. Just look at leek and potato soup - or, for something more substantial, try this cheese, leek and potato pie: a delicious, mild and savoury vegetarian main that's both simple to make and comforting to eat.

Creative: Leeks will work as a substitute for onions in almost anything, but we especially like the way they add a delicate, savoury depth of flavour to creamy dishes like this speedy chicken casserole and this macaroni cheese recipe.

This speedy chicken and leek casserole only takes 30 mins to make


Famed for its ability to turn into a carb-replacement at a moment's notice (hello cauliflower rice and cous cous), this versatile veggie works in so many dishes and cuisines - and lends itself well to spices too, making it perfect for curries and tagines!

Classic: Next time you're stuck over what to do with a cauli, try our buttery cauliflower mash recipe - a great alternative to potato for when you fancy something a little lighter.

Creative: Why not whip up a batch of our gluten-free cauliflower Peshwari naans to accompany your next curry?

Gluten-free cauliflower Peshwari naan


This earthy and sweet root vegetable can do so much more than just roast dinners and soups.

Classic: Parsnip takes on a whole new level of sweetness when slowly roasted in the oven. Try turning your next tray of roasted root veg into this aromatic vegetable biryani. Serve with a little raita and mango chutney for a delicious, fuss-free dinner.

Creative: Try chucking chunks of parsnip into curries, like this creamy korma, or even blending it down with Parmesan and crème fraîche for a tasty carbonara sauce to go with spaghetti.

Have our veg-heavy recipes got you craving some wholesome winter goodness? Make sure to stock up on everything you need to make these tasty recipes online or pop into your local store.