Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon is here to get your Christmas off with a bang

And here's 5 ways to cook with it...

Smoked salmon is here to get your Christmas off with a bang

Smoked salmon is always a must-have at Christmas.

Asda's salmon is smoked for longer and hung using the traditional method

It goes down a treat at breakfast, it’s easy to create into delectable canapés and it makes for a tasty alternative to the traditional Christmas Day lunch. 

And now, thanks to our tasty range of Extra Special smoked salmon which includes flavours like gin smoked salmon, whisky smoked salmon and maple smoked salmon, you can impress your guests with incredible, restaurant-worthy flavours.

What makes our smoked salmon so special, you ask?

It's smoked for longer and hung using the traditional method, as Isabella Bradford, from Delicious Magazine found out when she visited the smokery where all the salmon is cooked.

This method is believed to have started thousands of years ago when people hung fish near a fire to cure it and ended up with a smoky flavour.

She said: "Asda still use this method, rather than the modern flat-smoke method, because the smoke is able to circulate fully around the hanging fish and leave a deeper flavour.

"Once the wood chips (maple, oak, cherrywood or apple) are added and the fires have been lit, the fish is left in the smoker for up to 24 hours.

"Once the fish has darkened in colour to a deep rusty red, the skin is removed and the fillets are sliced."

To help inspire your Christmas menu, we've put together a few smoked salmon recipes using the Extra Special smoked salmon range...

KING OF THE CANAPÉS: Gin smoked salmon and beetroot on rye

Make a stylish and colourful canapé by adding beetroot to rye bread and topping them with our Caorunn Gin Scottish Smoked Salmon. This is traditionally smoked in brick kilns for 15 hours over oak and applewood chips and hand prepared with Caorunn gin, Scottish honey, orange and a warming spice blend.

BRILLIANT BREAKFAST: Rich and intense smoked salmon on brioche roll

Simply serve our Extra Special Rich and Intense Smoked Salmon with buttered brioche roll and scrambled egg for a convenient and simple starter. It requires minimal preparation but promises flavour that’s sure to impress.

The Extra Special rich & intense smoked salmon was the BBC Good Food Christmas Taste Award winner for smoked salmon. It's smoked over peat and cherry wood chips for an impressive 24 hours, creating a rich and distinctive taste.

USE UP YOUR LEFTOVERS: Potato cakes topped with smoked salmon

Wow your guests with some luxurious potato cakes topped with Extra Special Mild & Delicate Smoked Salmon. You can also use leftover potatoes for the potato cakes, making this an easy Christmas brunch option.

This salmon is traditionally hung and smoked in a brick kiln for 15 hours over a bespoke combination of oak and Applewood chips, imparting an understated flavour that allows the natural salmon to shine through.   

PREP-AHEAD STARTER: Smoked salmon parcels

For an elegant Christmas day starter make these smoked salmon parcels the day before to save hassle on the big day.

For an extra Scottish twist, add this Extra Special Whisky Smoked Scottish Salmon which is smoked for 15 hours over whisky barrel chips as well as oak, before being infused with Speyburn Single Malt Scotch Whisky, a local whisky distilled just up the road from the smokery.

QUICK AND SIMPLE SUPPER: smoked salmon tart

Showcase our Extra Special Maple smoked salmon by creating this smoked salmon tart

This salmon has been smoked for 15 hours over maple and oak chips, and is then infused with Canadian maple syrup.

Feeling inspired to create a festive feast this Christmas? Make sure you check out our full range of smoked salmon by popping into your local store or heading online