Leftover Champagne? Try this simple trick to keep the fizz

You'll love this easy hack for keeping bubbles, well, bubbly!

Leftover Champagne? Try this simple trick to keep the fizz

There's nothing like a glass of fizz to make the festive season really special. Whether it's serving brunch mimosas to friends on the weekend or enjoying a tipple as the clock chimes midnight on New Year's Eve, a bottle of bubbles can transform any gathering into a celebration.

But what do you do when you open a bottle too many, and have leftover fizz?  According to the experts, to keep those leftovers fresh is to pop a spoon in your bottle of fizz (dropping the handle down the neck first).

Apparently, the spoon's metal handle will help cool down the air inside the bottle and this colder air helps prevent the bubbles from leaving.

Chef Luis Bollo from Salinas explained to Grub Street: 'In Spain, we are the biggest consumers of cava and Champagne in the world. My father and my grandfather, whatever cava was left over they just store it with the spoon from one day or the other.'

This trick won't keep your bubbles fresh for a week mind, but could help keep the fizz for an extra day or two. Why don't you give it a go this New Year's Eve and let us know on social media using #asdagoodliving if it works!

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