St George’s Day menu classics

Celebrate the day with one of these all-British suppers

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St George’s Day menu classics

When it comes to British grub, it's all about the comfort-factor. From pies to hot roast dinners, stews and good old fish and chips, whats not to love?

To celebrate St George's Day, we've rounded up a few of the all-time classics. Which one takes your fancy?

Roast beef with a mustard and stilton crust

We Brits just love a tender beef roasting joint – pink in the midde, and beautifully seasoned. This roast beef recipe is flavoured with another English favourite, Stilton, as well as coarse wholegrain mustard.

Beef wellington with roasted tenderstem broccoli

Crispy pastry, flavoursome mushrooms and succulent beef is a match made in heaven. Chuck in some roasted tenderstem broccoli with garlic and chilli on the side and you're onto a winner.

toad in the hole

It's thought that toad in the hole was originally invented as a way of making meat go further in poor households – sausages, rump steak, and even pigeon, could be used in place of sausages. These days, it's a popular supper in households across the country. And why wouldn't it be? Crispy batter is the perfect accompaniment to sausages, veg and gravy. Yum.

fish and chips

Is there anything better than a pile of hot, battered fresh fish and salted, vinegary chunky chips? Fish and chip shops date back to the 1800s, and this irresistible combo has been a staple on many a British menu ever since. Don't forget the mushy peas!

Chicken tikka masala with quick pickles

There's a reason why Britain's take on the curry is one of our country's favourite takeaways of all time. Our creamy tikka masala with marinated chicken breast is truly fit for a saint. These quick pickles add a sweet, salty crunch that takes the humble tikka masala to the next level.

Bubble and squeak

Another classic British dish, bubble and squeak is a brilliant way to use up any leftover veg you happen to have knocking around – particularly cooked potatoes. From sprouts to cabbage, carrots, parsnips or spinach, more or less anything goes! Simply serve with a poached egg for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perfection. 

fish pie with green beans

This luxurious fish pie is great all year round, no matter what the temperamental English weather throws at you. Pair it with our griddled green beans with garlic oil and hazelnuts to add some colour and crunch to dinnertime.

individual steak and kidney pies with savoy cabbage and caraway

Is there any English food pairing more iconic than steak and kidney? We pair our crispy-topped individual pies with buttery sautéed savoy cabbage and caraway seeds to make a truly indulgent and iconically English supper.

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