The best Guinness recipes for Paddy’s Day

Think cakes, pies and beer battered onion rings...

The best Guinness recipes for Paddy’s Day

The world-renowned Irish stout, Guinness is a thing of beauty if drunk cold by itself, but it really comes into its own when used in cooking. From boozy stews to majestic marinades and hearty cakes too - Guinness is the cooking ingredient you never knew you needed. 

So with St. Paddy's Day just around the corner, there's no better time to raise a glass to Ireland's most famous alcoholic beverage. Sláinte! 


Super-sticky guinness ribs with slaw

These super-sticky, mighty and meaty ribs with a side of slaw are a thing of beauty. To make sure you get an even richer flavour you could leave the ribs to marinate overnight. Just make sure you have a handful of napkins on standby for these messy delectable bites. 


Guinness cake

Some flavour combinations may seem unlikely friends, but the sweetness of cake and the savoury tones of Guinness is one contrasting duo that works marvellously. Just look how appestising this chocolately, malty and boozy cake looks. No Guinness cake would be complete without another Irish-inspired ingredient in the icing - Baileys! Serve this masterpiece up with a cold stout or cup of tea depending on your mood...

Steak and Guiness pie

You can't beat a steak pie. Well actually you can - by adding Guinness to the meat. Make sure you simmer the savoury filling for 2 hours until the meat is tender and starting to fall apart and you'll have a Guinness-inspired crowd-pleaser this St Patrick's Day.

Guinness-battered onion rings

This battered onion rings recipe with ketchup has a double hit of Guinness. Not only is the ketchup laced with the Irish stout (as well as horseradish, for a spicy hit), but the inclusion of Guinness in the batter makes it extra crispy. Serve these crunchy treats to grown-ups only!

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