Star wars characters holding a star wars cake

The Best Star Wars Cakes On The Internet

Or even in the whole galaxy...

The Best Star Wars Cakes On The Internet

Star Wars fans rejoice! There's now a way for you enjoy your favourite film and eat your cake, too. The internet is buzzing with people showing off amazing Star Wars cakes, complete with all the characters you love (and some you might hate - we're looking at you Darth Vader!). Created to celebrate birthdays, newborns and more, these Star Wars cakes might just be the coolest baked goods in the galaxy.

These sweet creations are a must-see for every film fan - and every cake lover! From a delicious-looking Yoda to a seriously impressive Millennium Falcon, these Star Wars cakes are a force to be reckoned with. Take a look at the imaginative film-inspired cakes below...

A dark cake for the dark side


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May the force be with you

And the jedis get a new knight!


Who says Star Wars is just for boys?

BB-8 so-bad-at-all

A tasty treat from the new film


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Bite-sized Star Wars

What a birthday surprise!

Legos + Star Wars - what could be better?


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R2D2 for you


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Looks delicious, the cake it does

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