Steak and herby butter

Get your cook on with our top steak recipes

Get your steak fix with these sizzling, super-tasty – and simple – recipes

Get your cook on with our top steak recipes

Whether you're in the mood for a celebration, a random foodie splurge, a backyard barbecue or a bistro-inspired date night, what could be better than a good steak? 

There are so many great ways to enjoy a juicy steak – with eggs for breakfast (if you're really peckish), in a sandwich with fried onions, thinly sliced and served warm with a peppery salad – or French-style, with fries or pommes dauphinoise.

And since many of us are able to find more time in the kitchen these days, why not #GetYourCookOn with our favourite steak recipes for whichever occasion suits?

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Global inspired 

Moroccan-Style Steak Salad

Bring North African flavours to your plate – from special Moroccan seasoning to pomegranate seeds – for a dish that’s brimming with colour.

Ribeye Steak with Dukkah Crust and Fattoush Salad

Don’t let the long list of ingredients put you off – the combination of herbs and spices in this Middle Eastern-inspired steak dish is out of this world. The crust topping contrasts perfectly with a tender, juicy steak beneath.

Mexican Chimichurri Steak

Give your steak a Mexican-style twist by marinating it in a garlicky, herby chimichurri sauce… Serve topped with pickled red onions and salad, for the perfect summery lunch or supper.

Teriyaki Steak

Steak with an Asian kick sure sounds good to us! Marinate your sirloin steaks for just 20 minutes in a tasty mix of sake, soy sauce and sugar, before grilling and serving with lightly dressed salad.

dinner dates 

Sirloin Steak with Peppercorn Sauce and Matchstick Parsnips

Your lucky date will be bowled over by this restaurant-worthy dish. Chunky sirloin steak works perfectly with creamy peppercorn sauce – and we've replaced potatoes with parsnips, for a twist on classic fries.

Ribeye Steak with Crispy Potatoes and Runner Beans

Serving either one as a main or two as a starter, this dish is sure to be polished off next to no time. Crispy potatoes are irresistible with sliced steak, meaty pan juices and crisp runner beans.

Coffee-rubbed Steak and Matchstick Fries

What a classic! Who doesn't like steak frites? A heady mix of coffee, oregano, cumin and smoked paprika intensify the flavour of the (already tasty) steak.

restaurant meals at home 

Rosemary and Garlic Rump Steak

Garlic, rosemary and butter make for one tasty steak. Serve your meat with a big dollop of mash and a drizzle of pan juices, for the ultimate comfort food dish.

Sirloin Steak with Herby Butter

If you don't want the faff of whipping up a sauce, just blitz together a roll of herby, garlicky butter instead. Serve each (hot!) steak with a little patty of the butter, for a restaurant-worthy touch. A foolproof supper, if ever there was one. 

on the bbq

Sirloin Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

Our homemade chimichurri – made from chilli, garlic, parsley, onion, oregano and lime juice – is delicious drizzled over smoky barbecued steak. Save this one for your next cookout!

Steak with Coffee and Cardamom Rub

After marinating your steaks in a spicy mix of cardamom, espresso, garlic and chilli, fire up the barbecue and get these rump steaks sizzling. The rub will help the meat to caramelise – delicious! 

Ultimate Steak Sandwich

Whether you choose to barbecue or grill your steak, it's guaranteed to make one tasty sandwich. Our recipe combines strips of sirloin with red onion, rocket and a little garlic. That's a luxurious lunch for you! 

A treat

Sizzling Steak 'Pizza'

Like steak? Like pizza? You'll love this recipe, which simply tops frying steaks with a flavoursome tomato sauce and a little mozzarella. Serve with crispy parsnip fries for a real supper treat.

Steak and Stilton Ciabatta

We've given this American classic a bit of a British twist, with a crumbling of strong Stilton. Serve up as a
gut-buster lunch or indulgent dinner when you want a calorie splurge! 

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