Transform your store-cupboard staples with these clever dishes

Make your tinned tomatoes, cans of tuna and spaghetti hoops the star of the show...

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Transform your store-cupboard staples with these clever dishes

Store-cupboard staples - we all have them, but we don't know just how amazing and versatile they can be!

From baked beans to tinned tuna, the inexpensive underdogs of the food world have the potential to be dinner-party ready in a matter of minutes.

So check out our store-cupboard recipes below and next time you're drawing a blank on dinner, take out those tinned tomatoes and get creative...

Thai-spiced tuna fishcakes

No filleting, no bones - just open a can of your tinned tuna, mash some spuds and sprinkle in some Thai curry paste for a portion of fuss-free fishcakes. Whip up these treats for lunch or dinner and serve with a couple wedges of lime and a salad. Simples!

Spaghetti cowboy pie

Imagine your childhood favourite sausage, mash and spaghetti hoops all baked in a pie. Well, dream no more, as we've brought the star retro ingredients together to make a delicious twist on the classic cowboy pie. Dish up this winner on any weekday with a side of frozen peas for a meal big kids and little 'uns will love. 

Spicy cous cous muffins

A popular alternative to pasta and rice, cous cous is often the side of choice for a wide range of dishes. But instead of serving it up alongside your salmon fillet, beef casserole or winter salad, make it the highlight of the meal by turning it into a batch of spicy cous cous muffins. Perfect for breakfast, lunch or a snack on the go, why not make up a batch this weekend and let the family decide how and when they want to eat them!

Tex-Mex bean fajitas

Up and down the country, thousands of kitchen cupboards will have a tin or two of humble baked beans. But instead of topping your jacket potato with the store-cupboard staple, knock up these Tex-Mex bean fajitas instead. Take your can of beans up a level by adding some onion, red and green pepper, cumin and chilli powder. Then let the kids assemble their own wrap for an inexpensive weeknight winner to remember. 

Cheesy baked arancini 

From spag bol to shakshuka and casseroles to curries, a tin of tomatoes is a vital ingredient in a long list of meals. But now it's their time to shine on their own! Introducing our cheesy, tomatoey and crispy baked arancini balls. We've used leftover risotto to make up the filling, spooned in a dollop of simple, zingy tomato sauce, added a piece of hand-torn mozzarella and rolled the balls in some panko breadcrumbs. Dip your ball into the tomato sauce and you'll be in flavour heaven.


Feeling inspired to whip up these tinned treats? Make sure you stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store