Frozen strawberry torte

20 of our favourite strawberry recipes for summer

All hail the sweet, juicy strawberry – the taste of summer!

20 of our favourite strawberry recipes for summer

It wouldn't be summer without punnet upon punnet of luscious strawberries – the official fruit of Wimbledon, since the very first tournament back in 1877.

We like to throw them onto (or into) cakes, blitz them up and freeze them as ice lollies, or even serve them in salads. And of course, there's nothing better than a big bowl of strawberries mixed with cream and broken-up meringue…

We've gathered our all-time favourite strawberry recipes here, so you can make the most of this irresistible fruit even if the tennis isn't on this year. 

Vegan strawberry torte 

Made using dairy-free yogurt, agave syrup and plenty of fresh strawberries, this refreshing frozen torte is a vegan delight. The sweet, nutty crust is free from added sugar, too – simply blitz together a mix of crunchy pecans and chewy dates. Summer dessert perfection!

mamma mia's strawberry gateau

Got a special occasion to mark? Or having your own tennis match? Bring out this gorgeous strawberry gateau… It's simpler than you'd think! In fact, it's all in the decoration. Once you've sandwiched together your two sponges, cover them in whipped double cream (or cream alternative) and neatly sliced strawberries.

Strawberry and rhubarb smash toast

Here's a delicious way to enjoy strawberries for brekkie – on toast! Combined with tangy rhubarb and zesty orange juice, strawberries make a tasty compote, which can be spooned over thick soft cheese or yogurt on toast (or pancakes or French toast, if you want to splurge!).

Strawberry and pistachio mini meringue sandwiches

This simple recipe makes about 32 mini meringues, which look (and taste) wonderful filled with thick whipped cream and slivers of fresh strawberry. Ideal bite-size treats to bring out for a special dessert. 

Strawberry ice lollies

These sweet, cooling ice lollies combine fresh strawberries with strawberry yogurt and apple juice. It's a match made in heaven and an irresistible afternoon treat!

strawberry fizz cocktail

Care to enjoy your strawberries in drink form? We do! Combining strawberries, sweet agave syrup, tequila and Prosecco, this pretty pink cocktail is a wonderful summer treat for the grown-ups. We'll cheers to that!

strawberries and cream chambord cheesecake 

These individual cheesecakes may look impressive but they couldn't be easier to prepare. After dividing smashed, buttery digestive biscuits into glasses, top with a mix of fromage frais, soft cheese and icing sugar, before swirling through chopped strawberries and scattering more over the top. Chill these grown-up desserts for an hour, then serve garnished with sprigs of mint. Voila!

strawberry jam

If you have a glut of ripe strawberries to use up (which is never a bad thing...!), we highly recommend you cook up a batch of this sweet, sticky strawberry jam. It's really easy to make – just make sure you have some jam sugar on standby.

strawberry kebabs

Whether you serve these skewers of fruit and marshmallows grilled or not, they are seriously delicious! We've paired these treats with a grown-up dipping sauce of dark chocolate, cream and Grand Marnier. Lip-smackingly good even if we do say so ourselves. 

pimm's and strawberry granita 

What could be better on a sweltering day than a tall glass of granita? With its origins in Sicily, this semi-frozen dessert is generally made from sugar, water and fruit juice (or other flavourings). For a grown-up treat, we've puréed fresh strawberries with Pimm's, plus orange and lemon juice. The result is delicious AND refreshing!

Strawberry coke and frozen yogurt float 

Is it a drink or is it a dessert? Who can tell! One thing's for sure, though, this Strawberry Coke and Frozen Yogurt Float is mighty delicious. Top with a straw and umbrella, and serve ice-cold. It's a worthy winner! 

pickled strawberries

Ever thought of pickling strawberries? Sweet and tangy, these are seriously delicious served with soft cheeses (such as Brie), or chopped and scattered over salads. Our recipe will keep for a month, but we reckon you'll gobble it up in days.

strawberry cream pink profiteroles 

How pretty are these strawberry cream pink profiteroles? Light choux pastry is filled with a thick mixture of strawberries and cream, then finished with glossy icing – irresistible!

strawberry, feta and pine nut salad 

Strawberries are surprisingly versatile, as this tasty salad demonstrates. Salty feta is delicious mixed with the sweet berries, peppery rocket and crunchy pine nuts – the perfect summer salad to enjoy al fresco.

mini fraisiers

These individual strawberry desserts are a wonderful showstopper! With a ginger biscuit base, silky custard and caramel-dipped strawberries, what's not to love? These will put a decadent spin on a weekday supper.

Strawberries and cream mini lollies

Serve up these strawberries and cream mini lollies as they will go down perfectly on a warm summer's afternoon. Made with just three ingredients – strawberries, milk and vanilla extract – they are so easy to make. Plus, you could try mixing up the recipe with mango or blueberries instead.

Basil and strawberry cupcakes

Fresh basil, with its peppery notes, works perfectly with sweet flavours as well as savoury. It's great added to a lemon drizzle cake or a watermelon salad, but we also love it paired with strawberries. This basil and strawberry cupcake recipe is totally delicious and makes for a nice treat. 

eton mess with a twist

Nothing hails the start of summer quite like that classic dessert, Eton Mess. Make it even more seasonal with this twist: purée some of your strawberries with a splash of elderflower cordial, before mixing with whipped cream and meringue.

Strawberry shortcakes

For a homebaked (and pretty indulgent) delight, these shortcakes are filled with cream and fresh strawberries to make a lovely dessert or match point treat. Great for serving alongside some bubbly for a very grown-up occasion!

Strawberry & elderflower trifle

Strawberries, custard, Swiss roll, jelly, hints of elderflower – is there anything more typically British than this strawberry & elderflower trifle? If you're short of time to make your own custard, shop-bought will do just as well. Serve up for a summer Sunday lunch dessert.

Get everything you need to whip up these delicious strawberry dishes online, or pop into your local Asda store.