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Sweet and refreshing summer breakfast ideas

These tasty breakfast ideas are sure to shake up your morning routine

Sweet and refreshing summer breakfast ideas

Need inspiration for summer breakfast ideas? On truly balmy days, why not opt for something light and chilled, making the most of all of those lovely fresh fruits coming into season.

From smoothies for heatwaves to grab-and-go breakfast bars for busy mornings, check out our favourite summer breakfast ideas below.


We’re always open to muffins no matter the time of day, but these very berry breakfast muffins are the perfect excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Enjoy warmed up in the microwave or toaster, or cool crumbled over yogurt with extra fresh fruit - like a healthy breakfast trifle!

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Bright green smoothies may seem alarming at first, but this tasty green apple and kale smoothie bowl is super delicious, extra refreshing and surprisingly filling! Bananas help to thicken and sweeten this breakfast beauty, while peanut butter and a sprinkling of seeds add some healthy fats into the mix.

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Oat and chia breakfast bowl

These delicious overnight oats sweetened with honey and fresh summer berries make the ultimate summer breakfast. Make them the night before then pull from the fridge in the morning and devour at the breakfast table, or even at your desk. Porridge oats and chia seeds both provide slow-burning energy, helping to keep you full up all morning.

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Berry and passion fruit yogurt pots

Yogurt makes a brilliant brekkie on extra-warm mornings where something heavier loses its appeal. In this creamy concoction, the cinnamon oats and fruit compote loaded with sweet bananas, tart passionfruit and seasonal berries can both be made ahead of time to help speed up your morning routine.

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Peanut, berry & banana smash toast

Peanut butter and banana on toast is one of our favourite brekkie combos, although it can feel a bit too heavy on a hot day… This version uses rye bread to keep things wholesome, and seasonal strawberries and cherries to add a touch of sweetness and juice. Swap the soft fruits for anything you might have around — kiwis, plums and raspberries would all work too.

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Seasonal soft fruits

From late May until the middle of autumn, delicious soft fruits such as nectarines, peaches, plums and berries are at their finest - so make the most of them while you can! Sliced up fresh fruit, yogurt and a sprinkle of granola or toasted oats makes a brilliant summery breakfast that takes just a few minutes to make. 

Find yourself struggling to make it out the door on time in the mornings? Slice up your fruit and pop it in a pot with the berries and yogurt the night before, then grab on your way out the door the next day. Healthy, easy and convenient - and much better than plumping for a pastry or bacon sarnie on the way to work.

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Have our tasty brekkie ideas got you feeling inspired to start your day right this summer? Make sure to stock up on everything you need, including our wide range of seasonal fruit and vegonline or pop into your local store.