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5 sensational gin cocktails to serve this summer

These easy to make cocktails are perfect for impressing your friends

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5 sensational gin cocktails to serve this summer

This year's spirit of the summer has got to be flavoured gins and gin liqueurs. You can serve them up with a tonic of your choice, or you can get creative and try some of our delicious cocktails - perfect for a summer party or for sipping on a sunny evening in the garden.

Created by expert mixologist and cocktail connoisseur Richard Maxted of Mix and Muddle, these five new cocktails feature our brand new Extra Special Pink GinExtra Special Rhubarb & Ginger Liqueur and Extra Special Grapefruit & Elderflower Gin Liqueur.

So whether you're a gin fanatic, or are just looking for a new cocktail for the summer, what are you waiting for? Start mixing! Cheers!

Rhubarb & ginger sour

This sweet, short drink balances syrupy gin liqueurs with earthy green tea and sharp lime for a delicious drink you can sip all summer long.

Richard says: "Rhubarb is bang on-trend right now. Thanks to its earthy and funky bitterness, rhubarb works beautifully with ginger, and even better with Asda Extra Special Pink Gin's gorgeous berry flavours. The Sencha tea adds a grassy, almost malty quality that punches through the lime to round off this special spring serve."

Pink gin spritz

Fancy something a bit fruitier? This bubbly pink gin spritz balances our berry pink gin with tart grapefruit and fragrant and floral elderflower tonic. Perfect for unwinding at home after a day at work, this refreshing number is also easy to scale up and make in a jug or pitcher to serve to friends.

Richard says: "Back in the day, the phrase 'pink gin' used to refer to a tipple fed to sailors in the navy to ward off the lurgy. Gin was spiked with Angostora bitters and glugged down merrily. This cocktail nods to that tradition, but with the modern addition of elderflower tonic and zesty pink grapefruit."

Summer fruits gin punch

This super fruity cocktail is a longer serve with plenty of mixer and fruit juice, perfect for really hot days! Our peach, pineapple and goji juice makes a brilliant mixer for gin liqueurs, and helps to balance gin's herbal and medicinal-tasting undertones. If you've never considered yourself a gin fan, this one's for you.

Richard says: "There’s something so satisfying about a long, refreshing, bitter/sweet drink when you're munching down on a BBQ. This take on the classic summer cup mixes sweet juice, floral fruit tea, bitter lemon and herbal gin in perfect harmony."

lemon and elderflower fizz

This zesty tipple of Extra Special Gin, lemon and elderflower topped up with bubbly prosecco is elegant, delicious and takes your classic fizz to the next level.

Richard says: "What better way to celebrate a sunny summer's day than with a glass of bubbly, enhanced with summery elderflower, lemon and classic gin?"

Spiced lemon & ginger mule

This rum and gin liqueur cocktail is ready to party. Fizzy, sweet and jam-packed with fiery ginger ale, fruity spiced rum and sweet and summery rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur, this bubbly drink makes the perfect tipple to serve at summer parties or backyard BBQs.

Richard says: "Rum and ginger is a cocktail pairing as old as time. Adding rhubarb from the gin liqueur enhances the sweet/fiery experience by offering a bitter tartness that offsets the sweetness with fruity notes. If there's one cocktail you need to try this summer, it's this!"

Ready to get your mix on with our fun summer gin cocktails? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.