Simple Summer Suppers 4: 6 Decadent Desserts

Cool off in the heat with these luscious summer puds

Simple Summer Suppers 4: 6 Decadent Desserts

Warm, summer days were meant for relaxing in the garden or by the beach with a melting ice cream cone, some fresh fruit or a cool sorbet. In fact, summer desserts are one of the highlights of the season! It's the perfect way to cool off in the heat and enjoy beautiful, seasonal produce. But who wants to spend an afternoon slaving away in the kitchen? The key with summer desserts is finding a recipe that can be whipped up quickly but with impressive results. Which is where the fourth installment of our Simple Summer Suppers comes in!

This week, we're tackling summer desserts and have rounded up six delicious recipes that get maximum seasonal flavour but minimum fuss. From a truly decadent chocolate churros recipe to a refreshing lemon and mint sorbet, these are the recipes that will make your summer. Think you don't have time to create a showstopping dessert? Think again! Using frozen pastry, you can create a summer berry tart in less than 20 minutes that will seriously wow friends and family. Or why not get creative with a super easy but so fun ice cream station? Discover six quick and easy summer desserts you'll love...

Churros and chocolate

These moreish donut dipping sticks are a fresh take on the traditional Churros from Spain. Crispy churros are rolled in cinnamon and sugar and served with a glossy chocolate dipping sauce. To make, simply pop in the oven for 8 minutes - it’s that easy! 

Assorted Lollies and Watermelon

There’s no better way to keep cool in summertime than with a fruity ice lolly. Make your own healthy version by cutting fresh watermelon into wedges and inserting lollipop sticks through the rind, then place on greaseproof paper and popping in the freezer until firm - delicious and refreshing! Or for a super convenient option, just grab some delicious shop-bought ices like The Great British Lolly, Classic Milks or Rocket Lollies

Ice Cream Station

Kids and adults alike will love creating their own sundaes in their very own DIY Ice Cream Station. Simply take a large baking tray and place in the freezer for a couple of hours. Choose your favourite ice cream selection and scoop out individual balls on to the tray. Pop back in the freezer and when ready to serve add your chosen toppings, like crushed nuts, marshmallows, chocolate curls and shavings, fruit, sauce and lollipop sticks. Fun for the whole family!

Peach Melba Semi-Freddo

Semifreddo (which translates as “half-cold" in Italian) is a heavenly dessert that’s best described as a mix between mousse and ice cream. Dishing up a fancy pud has never been easier - this retro classic can be made without an ice cream maker and is perfect for an evening with friends. Get the peach melba semi-freddo recipe here. 

Lemon and Mint Sorbet

For a light and refreshing dessert, try this zesty lemon and mint sorbet recipe. It’s delicious on its own or use it in a luxurious cocktail by adding one small scoop to prosecco and champagne. Delicious! 

Summer Berry Tart

This cheat’s summer berry tart is full of flaky pastry and juicy fruits but only takes 20 minutes to prepare. To make, preheat the oven to 220C/200CFan/Gas7. Defrost Jus Rol Pastry Squares for 10 mins. Mark a border all the way round each one, 2cm in from the edges. Spoon some frozen Asda Summer Fruits inside the border of each pastry can and cook in the oven for 15-20 mins. Allow to cool on a rack, dust with icing sugar and serve with a dollop of cream. Yum!

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