7 of the biggest food trends of the summer

The cool summer treats you'll be queuing up for...

7 of the biggest food trends of the summer

Want to know which summer foods are in this year? We've rounded up seven drinks, snacks and culinary creations that are making waves in the food world this summer. From fresh fish dishes inspired by the Pacific to creamy frozen treats sandwiched between chewy biscuits, this summer's hottest food trends are all about fast, fresh and easy dishes. Forget spending hours making a stew or slaving away in the kitchen all day. These summer foods can be whipped up in no time and are the perfect way to cool down in the heat. Check out this year's hottest summer foods below...


Move over sushi - the latest raw fish craze is all about poke (pronounced po-kay). This Hawaiian staple is a blend of raw fish, vegetables, fruits and spices - all dished up in a bowl. Healthy, fast and totally delicious. Find out how to make your own salmon poke bowl here.

Cauliflower rice

Who wants to eat stodgy food when the sun is shining? A lighter alternative to regular rice, cauliflower can be grated by hand or in a food processor and gently sautéed for a few minutes for a delicious and satisfying dish. Gluten-free, chock full of vitamins and surprisingly tasty. Get in on the trend with this cauliflower rice with prawns recipe or cauliflower couscous with maple syrup dressing - the perfect summer salad for your BBQ feast. 

Coffee served in cones

We’re all about upgrading your cup of Joe, but coffee in an ice cream cone might just be the best way to serve your brew ever! When South African barista Dayne Levinrad shared his #CoffeeInACone creation on Instagram, the internet went mad for it. Don't try this one at home though - without a specially-made cone, the coffee will seep straight through! 


Craving satisfied ��✔ (Although must finish in 10 mins) #coffeeinacone #chocolatecone #shiok #rainyday #猛

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Microwave magic

No one wants to slave over a hot oven in summer, but that doesn’t mean skipping out on dessert. Mug cakes - like this doughnut in a mug recipe - can be made in the microwave with just a few simple ingredients and a few minutes to spare. Tasty treats in no time! 

Rosé cocktails

Cool, crisp and refreshingly light - rosé is the ultimate summer tipple and has been for years. So why have we included in it our trends round-up? Because this summer is all about taking the classic rosé to the next level with the frosé cocktail - rosé wine mixed with with ice slush beverages. Yum!

Ice cream sandwiches

Everyone knows that summers and ice cream go hand-in-hand, but this year take your frozen treat to the next level by wedging creamy goodness in between two crunchy biscuits. These peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwiches are sure to go down a treat!

Turmeric in everything

This warming spice - best known for its starring role in Asian curries - is popping up everywhere from cocktails to condiments. It will add a gorgeous, golden colour to your dishes plus a lovely kick. 

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