Susanna Reid talks breakfast, chocolate cake and vegetarianism

'I have two breakfasts'

Susanna Reid talks breakfast, chocolate cake and vegetarianism

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid, 47, lives in London with her sons Sam, 15, Fin, 13 and Jack, 12.

What do you eat for breakfast?

My alarm goes off at 4am and I’m at work for 4.20am. At 5am I have a black coffee and chopped-up apples with peanut butter, which keeps me going until I get home at 9.30am. My second breakfast is always rye toast, poached eggs and avocado. Once I’m off air, I’m ravenous!

What’s your go-to lunch dish?

Kale and pumpkin seeds stir-fried in olive oil, garlic and soy sauce – if you fry kale it’s a bit like tasty Chinese seaweed. Kale is supposed to be good for you – I’ve tried to eat it raw in smoothies but I don’t like the taste!

Do you ever find it tough to eat well?

After I have a nap and go to the gym, at 2.30pm I want to raid the cupboard for calories. The temptation is to have a cup of tea with some chocolate cherries or half a packet of biscuits.

What do you cook for the family? 

I like to cook from scratch. I recently made chicken and leek pie, toad in the hole as well as chicken and tarragon risotto. Everything is always homemade – unless I’ve been working all day, then I might be tempted by a takeaway!

What kind of cook are you?

I’m capable but not imaginative. If I don’t have everything I need for a dish I know what to substitute – like dill instead of tarragon. You can still do a recipe even if you don’t have every single ingredient.

Childhood favourite?

Chocolate cake made by my grandma, who died a few years ago. My mum kept the recipe and still makes it for the boys. It’s one of those solid, familiar recipes and reminds me of tea with Grandma. I adored her.

Do you eat meat?

When I was 13, I became vegetarian to support animal welfare. Then, aged 30, just before I got pregnant with my first child, I got it into my head that I needed more protein and I’ve eaten fish ever since. I cook meat every night for the boys, though.

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Worst meal of your life?

When I was at university I went to a mate’s house for a dinner party and they made a red wine risotto. It turned out grey. It was so awful.

Has Piers Morgan [TV co-host] ever invited you to dinner?

I’ve had to nip into his house to use the loo but I’ve never been for dinner! I know that his ‘spaghetti Morgan-ese’ – the Piers version of spaghetti Bolognese – is legendary. According to him, anyway!

Words: Gemma Calvert