Sushi on a black surface

Will you try the sushi burger

Bear with us – they actually look delicious

Will you try the sushi burger

Sushi or burgers? It’s the debate that has started office wars and ended relationships, but it’s about to be settled for good. Behold the sushi burger: a rare mix of decadence that successfully combines the comfort food satisfaction of a burger with the fresh and feel good nature of sushi.

Burger hybrids are nothing new (we're looking at you, mac 'n' cheese burger). But now a new viral trend is taking the foodie staple to a whole new level. Just skim Instagram with the hashtag #sushiburger and you'll find a sea of pictures of this strange but glorious new food trend. From food bloggers to restaurants alike, everyone has a take on the sushi burger and what makes it so great is that there are no rules – bar one: sandwich your filling in between the compulsory sticky grains of rice synonymous with sushi fodder. From there it's anyone’s guess – you can include traditional sushi components such as raw fish, ginger, seaweed and wasabi, to fried to fresh rice and fillings such as salmon, tofu, pulled pork and a big juicy burger patty, the world is your oyster. Yum.

And as if you needed more convincing, recent findings by researchers at the National Centre for Global Health and Medicine in Tokyo could suggest that taking a leaf out of Japanese food trends might help you live longer. They studied the diet of thousands of people and found that following the traditional Japanese diet (high in fish, meat, vegetables and carbohydrates) may contribute to a higher life expectancy, mainly attributed to the fact that they consume less saturated fats and processed foods. 

But don’t just take our word for it, check out some of our favourites below:





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Hungry yet? This is something you’ll definitely want to try (though perhaps with a knife and fork). Head over to Asda to pick up some sushi rice to get started!

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