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Sushi Doughnuts Are Now A Thing

And they're pretty amazing

Sushi Doughnuts Are Now A Thing

You've heard about sushi burgers and glazed mirror cakes, but the latest food craze taking the internet by storm might just be the most bizarre yet! Made from sushi rice, vegan Instagram chef Sam (aka @sobeautifullyraw) has created the sushi doughnut. What's that, you ask? Well, pretty much exactly what it sounds like! Check out some of her beautiful (and mouthwateringly good) images below...

Formed into a perfect doughnut shape, Sam molds sushi rice before topping with avocado, black sesame, ginger, wasabi and cashew mayo. Don't they look delicious? And the good news is that these amazing creations don't sound too difficult to make. 'Simply grease a donut mold with coconut oil, mold in cooled sushi rice, and then gently remove by lifting the pan upside down', Sam explains in her Instagram caption. 


Sushi Donut Dreamin' �� #vegan

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Sam's Instagram feed, sobeautifullyraw, is dedicated to delicious vegan foods that will have you running to your nearest supermarket to stock up on veggies, nut milk and more. Although Sam's picture-perfect bites are totally vegan, we reckon these sushi doughnuts would be extra yummy with some fresh fish thrown in. 

But she's not the only one getting in on the sushi doughnut trend. Instagrammer saltnpepperhere showed off her pretty creations recently that she made with leftover sushi rice. 

And here's another drool-worthy shot from rhiannonbradshaw:


// YASSS i just made these #sushidonuts ��������

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Inspired to make your own tasty creations? Stock up on sushi rice and more from Asda or try your hand at baking with this one-minute jam doughnut recipe.