6 of the best sweetcorn recipes

Sweet and crunchy, these sweetcorn recipes will be a hit among kids and grown-ups alike

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6 of the best sweetcorn recipes

It's Sweetcorn week! And by that we mean that the sweet and crunchy kernels are Veg Power's veg of the week. If Eat Them To Defeat Them has somehow passed you by, you can catch the tv ad here

Tinned, fresh or frozen, sweetcorn is a brilliant option when trying to flesh out meals with colourful, flavoursome veg.

And thanks to its delicate, nutty sweetness and tasty crunch, it’s also one of the only vegetables that’s (relatively speaking) a hit with kids.

A succulent cob with lightly charred kernels drizzled in butter can’t be beaten. But there’s plenty of room to get inventive and cook up delicious dishes that both kids and grown-ups will devour. 

Check out some of our favourite sweetcorn recipes...


sweetcorn and watercress muffins

These cheesy sweetcorn and watercress muffins make a tasty savoury snack or sandwich replacement. Pack them into your kids' lunchboxes or bake a batch as a weekend treat. Good weather abiding, they are spot on for Spring and Summer picnics, too.

Loaded corn on the cob

Sweetcorn on the barbie is beautiful in its simplicity, but load it up with mayo, cheese and a vibrant avocado and tomato salsa Tex-Mex style and you’re onto a serious winner. These colourful cobs will make a brilliant addition to your BBQ spread, either as a veggie option or as a side.

Chicken and sweet potato boats

Sweetcorn works brilliantly with many Tex-Mex flavours, including sweet and smoky BBQ sauce in these chicken and sweet potato boats. 

Soft, caramelised baked sweet potato skins are scooped out and mixed with cooked chicken, BBQ marinade, coriander, cheese and - of course - sweetcorn. Serve with a fresh green salad, wedges of lime and some extra BBQ sauce for a delicious, nutritious dinner (one serving packs 3 of your 5-a-day!) that feels like a special treat.

Sweetcorn and bacon fritters

Sweetcorn’s tender crunch adds some beautiful texture to these savoury fritters. Bacon adds little pockets of intense flavour that offsets the sweetness of the sweetcorn – avocado and soured cream are an indulgent touch.

Grilled sweetcorn salsa

Perfect with grilled fish, spicy chicken or burgers, this tasty salsa will add colour, crunch and sweetness to a range of savoury dishes. Prepare this simple summer relish using either fresh or tinned corn ahead of time to perk up your BBQ spread in a jiffy.

Colours of the rainbow pizza

Homemade pizzas may sound like a tricky challenge, but by using a pizza dough mix like this one here you can shave plenty of time off making dinner. In fact, our colours of the rainbow pizza can be ready and on the table in under 45 minutes! 

Getting the kids to load up their own personalised pizzas with colourful veg like peppers, red onion, sweetcorn or mushrooms is a great way of encouraging them to tuck into all sorts of veg. Mix fat-free yogurt with grated cucumber and mint for a delicious, simple dip for crusts.

Have our tasty sweetcorn recipes got you craving a cob? Make sure to stock up on everything you need at Asda or pop into your local store.