UK tequila sales are on the rise

Pass the lime and salt!

UK tequila sales are on the rise

Stop sipping on your rum and coke and put down your gin and tonic. It's time for tequila to have its day! According to the latest alcoholic drink figures - tequila is taking centre stage, and sales are booming.

There is a growing popularity of craft cocktails being enjoyed in bars and then recreated in our homes

Once a drink only shot in dingy bars, figures released by the Wine & Spirit Trade Association show that the often colourless spirit, tequila, is evidently growing in popularity. 

According to the Association's Market Report, the UK has seen a 37% rise in tequila sales over the last two years, up £46 million to £173 million in 2016. Around £4 million worth of that tequila was sold during the 12-week festive period in 2016, and the volume sold during the 12 week period up to New Year’s Eve was up 12% compared to the same period the year before.

Tequila sold in our shops grew by 7% in volume and by 5% in value worth in 2016. 

But while sales continue to soar, the chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, Miles Beale, believes the tipple is being knocked back in different ways and it doesn't involve lime or salt!

He said: “The trend is moving away from shots and strongly towards high quality, cocktail combinations and increasingly sophisticated sipping products. Additionally, there is a growing popularity of craft cocktails being enjoyed in bars and then recreated in our homes.”

So to help you enjoy the tipple at home, we've rounded up some sophisticated tequila-based recipes. 

Honey margarita cocktail

Tumeric adds a beautiful colour and warm flavour to this cocktail favourite.

tequila sunrise

Tequila sunrise screams sophisticated. Half-fill a tall glass with crushed ice. Add 30ml tequila, then pour on fresh smooth orange juice to 3cm from the top. Hold a spoon, curved side up, just touching the surface of the juice and the inside of the glass, then pour two tablespoons of grenadine over it slowly, so it runs down to settle at the bottom. To garnish, thread an orange slice onto a cocktail stick and top with pomegranate seeds. 

Cobbler de cereza

Jakub Pesko is head mixologist at LIBRARY - the hotel, restaurant and private member’s club in London’s Covent Garden. Cherry liquor mixed with tequila and topped with grapefruit and black pepper is one of his favourite combinations. Give it a go!

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