Malteaster Bunny rocky road

4 bite-size Easter treats to enjoy at home

Prepped in next to no time, these easy-to-make treats star your favourite sweets

4 bite-size Easter treats to enjoy at home

There's nothing like indulging in a bit of baking come Easter, wouldn't you say? Whether you're looking to whip up some treats with limited ingredients – or you want to get the kids involved in a bit of simple cooking to pass the time – we've got you covered.

From no-bake rocky road to 4-step cookies, see if any of these mouth-watering recipes get your vote…

4-Ingredient Easter chick mallow chocolate nests

These cute chocolate nests are super-easy to make – foolproof, even. Cover Shredded Wheat in melted chocolate, before spooning the mixture into little mounds on a tray, and pressing them down with the back of a spoon. Top them with a sweet chick mallow, and voila! You've got yourself a tempting batch of chocolate nests, all in 20 minutes.

No-bake MalteasTer Bunny rocky road 

Rocky road, but with an Easter twist? Yes please! This is the perfect recipe to make with kids – after all, it requires little more than melting chocolate and syrup in a bowl before throwing in whatever treats take your fancy – we've gone with Rice Snaps, biscuits, cherries and mallows. A drizzle of white chocolate (not forgetting those all-important Malteaster bunnies), plus an hour in the fridge, and you're all set.

4-step Mini Egg Cookies 

Buttery biscuits topped with crunchy Mini Eggs…make sure you have these simple cookies on standby for when someone in your house gets a bit peckish! One batch makes nine cookies, so feel free to double the ingredients if you think you'll want more (who could blame you?).

Carrot brownies 

Spoiler: there's no carrot in these brownies! Rather, we've topped a classic fudgy chocolate brownie with strawberries (dipped in coloured chocolate) to give them a little Easter makeover. Since we've used a brownie mix, these treats can be whipped up with minimal effort – bringing that Easter spirit without leaving the house!