Preserved lemons

The best citrus recipes for orange, lime and lemon lovers

Top up your vitamin C levels the best way possible, with one of these delicious citrus recipes

The best citrus recipes for orange, lime and lemon lovers

Who doesn't love a good clementine, tangerine or satsuma? Winter is when citrus fruits are at their juiciest and sweetest. This is just as well really, as it's during those dark, cold months when we most need a sharp dose of vitamin C.

Far from being limited to just desserts, you can easily incorporate citrus into everything from salads to marinades, non-alcoholic cocktails and even stuffings.

When life gives you lemons (and limes, oranges and grapefruits), here's what to make with them...

Orange semolina cake 

Ok, we know we just said that there's more to citrus than just desserts – but who wouldn't enjoy a slice of tangy-yet-sweet orange semolina cake? This cake combines ground almonds with semolina, and is soaked in a zesty orange syrup. Perfect for having with a hot cuppa on a cold day. 

preserved lemons

Before you assume that these are beyond your ability, rest assured that this recipe is really very simple. Preserved lemons are a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern dishes – the softened skin, diced up, is all you need to add a bit of tang to tagines, stews, salads or couscous.


Lime and lemon are combined to make a seriously refreshing mocktail - introducing the Mock-jito. If you're thinking of having a 'dry' month, this will really hit the spot.

Salmon fillets with pink grapefruit salsa

Fish and citrus have long been a match made in heaven, and a sour grapefruit salad works perfectly with meaty salmon in this dish, which also includes avocado for added creaminess.


Clementine curd

Like lemon curd? You'll love this clementine version. Velvety smooth, glossy and seriously citrussy, it'll keep in the fridge for up to three weeks. That's three weeks of glorious breakfast or mid-afternoon clementine curd-smothered toast...


Oranges in caramel

These sticky, caramel-coated oranges are a brilliant dessert option when you want a sugar hit without gobbling up half a cake. Serve with thick yoghurt (or ice cream, if you're feeling more indulgent).

Masterclass key lime pie

You can't very well have a citrus recipe round-up without this zingy favourite. When it's cold, dark and rainy outside, let your mind wander to the balmy Florida Keys, where lucky residents will be polishing off a slab of Key Lime pie in the sun. If you can't source actual key limes don't worry - regular lime juice will work just as well.

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