The best desserts that travel

Puddings served in jars are the ideal solution for a summer picnic

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The best desserts that travel

Summer weekends with friends and family call for alfresco dining, picnics and trips to the beach. And that means making food that travels!

Sandwiches have stood the test of time for being the go-to transportable lunch item, but when it comes to dessert it's a bit harder. Obviously there's nothing wrong with popping a pack of Mr Kipling in your bag, but if it's a special occasion and you want to impress, we think we've found the perfect solution. Jar desserts.

The trendiest way to serve up your summer desserts, creating layered puddings that can be stored and eaten out of jars. 

We've put together four easy, delicious layered desserts for you to try out this summer. You could also use jars to store leafy and pasta salads in, too.

Strawberry shortbread

Pictured above, left, this super easy strawberry shortbread dessert is simply an assembly job. Break shortbread biscuits into small pieces and put enough in the jar to cover the base. Add a layer of mascarpone mixed with a spoonful of icing sugar and a few drops of vanilla extract. Cover with a layer of Extra Special Strawberry Conserve then top with fresh strawberries and a sprig of fresh mint.

Chocolate and orange zinger

Pictured above, right, the only cooking involved in this chocolate and orange zinger dessert is melting a bit of dark chocolate. Cover the base of the jar with small pieces of Chosen by you Oatie Crumbles. Add a layer of mascarpone mixed with a little melted dark chocolate and a dash of single cream. Top with tinned mandarin segments and a sprinkling of grated dark chocolate.

Blueberry crumble

Frozen and plenty of fresh blueberries go into this speedy crumble recipe. Topped with crumble and hazelnut topping, this is the perfect summer crumble. We've topped ours with yogurt as we think it tastes nicer cold than custard. You could use the same recipe and make with a fruit of your choice - try raspberry or strawberry as an alternative.

Rocky road trifle

All the elements of a classic rocky road are layered up as sprinkles in this trifle recipe. Marshmallows, dried fruit and biscuits are layered up with sweet mascarpone and cocoa to make a self-contained summer trifle.

Pick up all the ingredients you need to put together the ultimate picnic online, or pop into your local store