The best indulgent chocolate recipes

From classic chocolate cakes to rich tarts and creamy roulades

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The best indulgent chocolate recipes

It’s one of the most versatile ingredients available, can be savoured all on its own, and comes in three different delicious varieties – what is it? Chocolate, of course.

From 80% dark chocolate squares to be nibbled after dinner, to milk chocolate bars ready to get you through long afternoons at work and white chocolate that can be used to flavour everything from cheesecakes to mousses and beyond – there really is nothing that chocolate cannot do.

And it’s not just sweet dishes that use chocolate – it adds a depth of flavour to meaty casseroles and rubs.

So to celebrate chocolate in all its glory, and because it’s Chocolate Week, we’ve rounded up our favourite chocolate recipes that will go down perfectly on an autumnal weekend…


Chocolate popcorn shards

For the easiest dessert ever, or to accompany ice cream, these chocolate shards are ideal. To make, melt chocolate and spread over a baking tray before decorating with popcorn and dried berries. To make a fancier version, try swirling white chocolate on top of the milk chocolate.

Chocolate popcorn shards

Chocolate truffle fondant

These chocolate fondants are ideal for dinner parties and look really impressive. You’ll definitely get an ‘ooh’ from guests when they cut into the middle and get an oozing, melted truffle centre. Serve with a dollop of ice cream. What’s more, they can be prepped ahead and frozen so all you need to do on the day is pop them in the oven.

Chocolate orange brownies

Chocolate orange fans will love these zesty brownies. Flavoured with orange and topped with a segment of Terry’s chocolate orange, these are (in our opinion), the best version of a brownie. To make even more special, why not press a segment of Terry’s into each brownie for a melting middle effect.

Chocolate orange brownies

Chocolate beetroot cake

Beetroot adds an amazing colour and earthy tone to a sweet chocolate cake. Pair with the sweet white chocolate topping and you’ve got yourself a delicious tea time treat.

chocolate beetroot cake

Caramel and chocolate tart

This caramel and chocolate tart looks way harder to make than it is. The base is made of blitzed up biscuits and butter, and the topping is a layer of salted caramel sauce (from a jar), and then a layer of cream, chocolate and butter. Easy as pie.

Caramel and chocolate tart

pear and chocolate upside down cake

A brilliant take on a classic upside down cake, this recipe tops sweet caramelised pears with chocolate sponge. The sticky, sweet dessert is perfect as the days get colder.

Pear and chocolate upside down cake

chocolate and cherry roulade

For a lighter tasting dessert with a fruity twist, try this cherry roulade. The light, airy sponge is rolled with cherry conserve and whipped cream. If you’re worried about not being able to roll, try rolling the sponge when it’s hot so it moulds into the shape before cooling. 

Chocolate and cherry roulade

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