Everything you need for a Sober October

Embrace a Sober October with top tips from soberista Kirstin Chaplin and our fave mocktail recipes

Everything you need for a Sober October

With the festive season fast approaching, we're bringing you the ultimate guide for staying booze-free! With some top tips from soberista Kirstin Chaplin and our fave six mocktails to drink this month..

‘Sober october is the perfect way to give body and mind a meaningful break so that you can reset, and reboot’

Kirstin's top tips

"May I mention the C-word? I know, I know! It’s still a couple of months away, but after a challenging year, many of us might even say that Christmas can’t come too soon! Of course, along with all the food and frivolity, there’s also the small matter of the Christmas booze-fest. So, whether you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake after a liquid lockdown, or you’ve managed to quit drinking altogether, the festive season can still be a testing time. However, it needn’t be. Get clued up on the coping techniques and you can breeze through all the fun sans Shiraz!

Sober October is the perfect way to reset your alcohol intake and soak up the positives of one month clean. First off, you need lots of sleep for a clear head and an energy boost. In fact, you may find you enjoy life so much more, you decide to quit completely.

When I gave up drinking nearly four years ago, I realised that there’d never be a right time to quit. I had two weddings, a hen weekend, birthdays and a holiday to negotiate. Of course, at each celebration, there was a (very good) reason to drink. What got me through was that my desire to enjoy each event clear-eyed and clear-headed was stronger than my desire to partake of the tipples on offer – and I remember them all in full, vivid colour as a result.

So, the next time you think you need a drink because it’s Christmas/ a birthday/your holiday, remember, you can just say no – what goes in your glass is up to you." 

our top 6 mocktails


Bring out your inner Carrie Bradshaw with this classy fave. Still delivering punchy flavours of cranberry, orange and lime juice, this alcohol-free version of a vodka cocktail is a must-try!


A cocktail classic - without the alcohol, but with a great name. This mock-jito combines fresh mint, lime juice and a little sugar to transform a simple glass of lemonade into something much more sophisticated. 

Raspberry sorbet bellini

Love a bellini? Who doesn't! Adapt this recipe by topping up a blob of raspberry sorbet with Nosecco, and join in the 'cheers'. 

Mulled Juice

Is there anything more comforting than a hot mulled beverage? We think not. So whether you're keen to get into the festive spirit, or you just want a familiar warm drink in your hand, mulled juice serves a multitude of purposes - it smells even better than a Christmas candle for one thing!

Hiyashiame sweet ginger drink

This Japanese-inspired soft drink adds something a little different to your regular mocktail menu. The ginger adds a winter warmth and satisfying kick, whilst the lemon and mint supplies pure refreshment. And it looks pretty too!


Melon, mint & cucumber cooler

With juicy cantaloupe and galia melon, this is the perfect thirst-quenching non-alcoholic bevvy. Serve with cucumber ribbons, elderflower cordial, sparkling water and a sprig of mint - just to make it fancy! 

Want more? Check Georgie Halfacree's ultimate guide to mocktail making here! Head to your local store or online to grab all the mocktail ingredients you need.