The best no-cook recipes

You won't need a hob or an oven to rustle up these super-speedy, delicious dishes

The best no-cook recipes

We enjoy a piping-hot dinner as much as the next person, but sometimes – especially in the middle of summer – it's nice to take a break from standing in front of the hob or wrestling with the roasting trays. And that's where our no-cook recipes come in…

From veg-packed salads to hearty wraps and burrito bowls, these dishes are perfect for tucking into outdoors (weather permitting). Plus, there won't be a single pot or pan to wash up afterwards!

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps 

Tender chicken, crunchy Little Gem lettuce, zesty lemon and refreshing cucumber, all packed into soft white tortilla wraps – how can you go wrong with these chicken Caesar salad wraps? Providing 1 of your 5-a-day, they take just 10 mins to assemble.

BBQ Beef Naked Burritos

There's no need to fire up the grill to enjoy these steak burrito bowls with a Tex-Mex influence. We've thrown together ready-cooked steak strips with tomatoes, lettuce, beans and microwave rice. Don't forget to top each colourful plate with grated cheese, a squeeze of lime juice and some spicy jalapeños!

Falafel & Cous cous mezze bowls

Counting as 2 of your five-a-day, these falafel and cous cous mezze bowls sure look impressive – despite requiring no cooking skills whatsoever! Simply combine cous cous with fresh herbs, dried apricots, crunchy veg and ready-made sweet potato falafels, then serve with chunky lemon wedges. 

Greek salad pitta pockets 

Soft pittas loaded with fresh, crunchy Greek-style salad – these tasty pockets are a real treat for lunch. Cucumber, onion, tomatoes and olives are mixed with tangy crumbled Feta, fresh mint and a lemony, garlicky dressing. Enjoy in the garden with a cooling pitcher of your favourite drink on the side!

Goat's cheese, watercress, Puy lentil and tomato salad 

Combining earthy Puy lentils and beetroot with creamy goat's cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes and leafy watercress, this is one substantial salad. In fact, it serves 4 – the perfect summer lunch to share.

Tempted to try one of these no-cook recipes for yourself? No problem! Find what you need online, or pop into your local store for ingredients.