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DJ BBQ on the best way to barbecue a wagyu burger

Chef and author, DJ BBQ, on the best tips and tricks for cooking a Wagyu cheeseburger

DJ BBQ on the best way to barbecue a wagyu burger

Father’s Day saw DJ BBQ make his third appearance on our Instagram Live for #GetYourCookOn – and, to celebrate, he treated us to a luxe version of the classic cheeseburger. He fired up the grill to cook a Wagyu burger with chimichurri sauce and coal-roasted onions.

DJ BBQ, otherwise known as Christian Stevenson, has been gracing our Instagram feed with delicious food, fabulous outfits and top tips and tricks to get your barbecue going – and we think you'll like him too! Here we've rounded up our fave answers to your questions, from our latest Instagram Live so you don't miss out...


What's the best technique for barbecuing?

I put all my charcoal in a chimney-flue starter and once the coal gets hot, I dump it in the barbecue. I’m using the half-and-half technique [coals on one side only] for the burgers.

Does Asda sell Wagyu burgers?

Yes, that’s why I’m cooking them! Extra Special Wagyu Burgers.

What’s your reason for pressing out the burger to flatten it before cooking?

I like to have my burger right to the edge of the bun, so I flatten it to create more surface area and get more flavour. Here’s another really easy tip - once you’ve seared the burger, brush on American yellow mustard, then flip it over. Brush the other side, flip it again and cook it in!

What is chimichurri? Can I use it on chicken or other meats or veg?

It’s an Argentinian / South American condiment – it’s great on steaks. It’s really tangy and lends itself more to beef and lamb than anything else – but go for it!

What lettuce can I use?

Iceberg or Little Gem lettuce. You can use the leaves or chop it all up – I like to chunk it up.

How do you build your burger when serving?

So, it’s toasted bun first, chopped lettuce, then the cheesed Wagyu burger, then on top of that you can layer on the coal-roasted onions and chimichurri.

Chips or slaw?


Your thoughts on what to do with a whole chicken?

We love cooking a whole chicken! I would go indirect – put charcoal on one side, no charcoal on the other and then put your chicken over the no-charcoal side and just roast it. 

Can you bake?

I used to be pretty good at baking – my grandmother got me into making pies and stuff but I’ve gone more to live-fire grilling. But you can bake on an outdoor grill.

Got any great dessert ideas for the barbecue?

Peaches – grilled peaches. Cut them in half, grill them and serve with vanilla ice cream. Or you can do it with apples and toast some pistachios or other nuts and throw them on there.

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