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DJ BBQ on the best way to barbecue steak

Chef and author DJ BBQ on the best tips and tricks for cooking barbecued steak

DJ BBQ on the best way to barbecue steak

He's back! We asked DJ BBQ to Get His Cook On over on our Instagram Live for a second time – and he did not disappoint. This time round, he cooked up a storm with his delicious Italian rump steak and grilled veggie salad, inspired by his dad, who taught him how to grill. 

DJ BBQ, otherwise known as Christian Stevenson, has been gracing our Instagram feed with delicious food, fabulous outfits and top tips and tricks to get your barbecue going and we think you'll like him too! 

Here we've rounded up our fave answers to your questions, from our latest Instagram Live, so you don't miss out…

How do you light your coals?

I use a really easy, quick hack. The best thing to invest in is a chimney starter. I fill this bad boy up with charcoal to the top, grab a couple of balled-up pieces of newspaper, light them on the grill, then put the chimney starter on top. You’ll have hot charcoal in 6-7 minutes. 

What's the best barbecue technique?

The key is the half-and-half technique. Charcoal on one side of the barbecue and no charcoal on the other. You use less charcoal and you give yourself a safe zone to move your food to when there’s a flare-up from the fats or the marinade. 

Do you prefer charcoal or gas barbecues?

A lot of people say to me, ‘I have a gas grill’  and that’s cool – I started on gas, but I prefer cooking over live fire!

Can you use any kind of steak?

My dad used to use flank steaks or skirt steaks because they're cheaper, but I like rump and rib-eye is the holy grail! It is my favourite steak, if anyone’s asking. I. Love. Rib-eye.

How long do you cook a steak for?

It depends on the size of your steak and your heat source, so I cook everything to temperature, not to time. First, pull it out of the fridge at least half an hour before cooking. I cook my steak to 42-43C for medium-rare, or 39C for rare. The temperature will still rise about 3-4 degrees while the steaks are resting, so pull them off the grill about 3-4 degrees from where you want them.

Do you let your steak rest?

I don’t like cutting into my steaks right away – I like to rest them for half the amount of time that I’ve cooked them for. That’s the key. 

How can you get a barbecue flavour when cooking indoors?

Come outdoors! Unless you use ingredients that have kinda smoky flavours – but I wouldn’t recommend bringing any kind of live fire in your kitchen. 

How do you clean your BBQ after use?

The best thing is elbow grease, a wire brush and then use a natural cleaner, like lemon, vinegar, or just cut an onion in half and rub it over there. 

If you missed the first episode of DJ BBQ, head over to our IGTV or catch up with our question round-up for his Alabama white sauce chicken recipe!


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