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Eat well, feel great with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks shares his feel-good tips and recipes for fuelling your body for exercise

Eat well, feel great with Joe Wicks

Whether you’re a workout novice or an expert, your body needs the right fuel before and after exercise. Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, offers his tips – and some tasty recipes – so you can boss it...

‘Forget long workouts,’ says Joe, ‘and go for short sessions of 15 minutes of exercise a day, four or five times a week. It’s manageable, easy to fit into your day and it will give you a great energy boost.

‘Fuelling your body correctly is the real key to success. After each workout, you need a meal with carbs. And on non-workout days, make sure you get plenty of protein.

‘For me to feel motivated, I need a date to work towards – whether it’s for a big event or a holiday. Set yourself a goal and take regular progress photos – these are more helpful than standing on the scales.

‘It’s fine to have “treat” days, but balance them out with days of exercise and nutritious meals.’


Lower in carbs than normal muffins, these frittata-style bites are perfect for non-exercise days, according to Joe.

'These “muffins” contain protein, so they’re a great start to the day on mornings when you haven’t worked out. Also, having tasty snacks like these to hand means you won’t be caught out when you’re starving, and you’re less likely to reach for a pre-packed sandwich.'

Chicken and mushroom risotto

The ideal dish to eat after a workout, this risotto is bursting with deep and warming savoury flavour thanks to the nutty porcini mushrooms.

Joe says, 'One of the biggest mistakes people make is exercising and then just eating a small salad. After working out, you need carbs. This delicious risotto is ideal for a post-workout lunch or dinner.'

Joe’s new book, 30-Minute Meals, out on 6 September, has all the recipe inspiration you need for fuelling yourself before and after a workout.