Aquafaba mayo

A vegan ingredient hidden in your kitchen cupboard

Aquafaba is a must-know ingredient if you're whipping up a dairy-free feast

A vegan ingredient hidden in your kitchen cupboard

If you're the type of person who always has a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard, did you know that you're sitting on a magical ingredient? And no it's not the chickpeas (although we do love them!). In fact, it is the water the chickpeas are stored in, also known as aquafaba.

We know, we know – it sounds strange, but this water has similar properties to eggs, and can be whipped up to create some super delicious plant-based sides and desserts. 

If you're not convinced, keep reading: we've got three recipes using this transformative ingredient for you to try and some nifty serving suggestions too. These dairy-free takes on classic recipes are sure to be the finishing touches of any vegan feast!


No eggs, no problem! This typically egg-based condiment can be made just as easily with aquafaba. Mix with a neutral-flavoured oil, whizz with a blender and you're good to go, or you can season it if you're looking to spice things up.


Serve with...

Is there anything mayo doesn't go with?! Serve with this plant-based burger or these vegan 'fish' and chips for an impressive fast-food inspired dinner. You can store it in the fridge for up to a week too, making it an instant lunchtime classic. You could also try adding the mayo to one of these lip-smackingly good vegan toasties


Yorkshire puddings

No good roast is complete without the much-loved Yorkshire pud, and thanks to aquafaba, everyone can enjoy the Sunday roast fave. They are simple to cook up too, making the recipe an all-round winner. Take them out of the oven and all they need is a good drenching in vegan gravy. 


Serve with...

With this clever recipe you can serve a completely vegan roast dinner! This maple and butternut squash roulade makes the perfect vegan main. Pair it with a beetroot and butternut bake for stuffing, vegan potato dauphinoise, oil-glazed carrots and aquafaba Yorkshire puddings, and you'll have an impressive plant-based spread with not a speck of meat or dairy in sight. 



Aquafaba is great for desserts too – it can even replace the egg whites used to bake meringues! With a raspberry coulis whipped in, these meringues are made to wow, and you can store them for up to two days so they are an ideal make-ahead dessert. 


Serve with...

A dollop of vegan sorbet or dairy-free froyo would go deliciously with these aquafaba meringues. If you are looking to serve a couple of desserts, these Millionaire's Shortbread Pudding shots are another plant-based showstopper that's sure to raise a chocolatey smile or two.


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