The nation’s favourite Quality Street chocolate revealed!

But do you agree?

The nation’s favourite Quality Street chocolate revealed!

There's only one thing left to do after tucking into that second helping of turkey, a mound full of roasties (and some tasty veggie sides of course), plus a slice of Christmas pudding - bring out the Quality Street tin!

When it comes to sweets and treats over the holidays, we all have our top picks but recent research has revealed the nation's favourite Quality Street, and it just might surprise you. 

Makers of the tasty treats, Nestlé, conducted a poll and discovered that the nation's favourite Quality Street is (drum roll, please)... the purple one!

One in 5 of the people surveyed said that the hazelnut and caramel-filled purple sweet was their number one favourite Quality Street treat. 

Did your favourite make the list? Check out the most popular sweets below:

Top 5 most popular Quality Street flavours

  1. The Purple One
  2. Strawberry Delight
  3. The Green Triangle
  4. Orange Crème 
  5. Caramel Swirl

While we're a little surprised that the chewy Toffee Penny didn't make the list, the truth is that once we're settled down on the sofa after the glorious holiday meal, any sweet will do quite nicely thank you! What do you think? Share your thoughts on your favourite Quality Street with us on social media using #goodliving.

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