fish and mushy pea pie

The ultimate guide to homemade pies

Because pies are a national favourite and these are the must-eat recipes

The ultimate guide to homemade pies

Pies are a staple in the British diet; a classic that warms up even the coldest of winter days. But which pies are best, and how can we possibly choose when there are so many mouth-watering combos just waiting to be eaten?

We decided it was only appropriate to pull together the ultimate guide – after all, we are a nation of pie lovers so knowing your classics from your sweet treats is practically essential.

Here are our favourites:

Classic Combos

With so many choices of pastry and fillings, settling on the right pie to suit your mood can be tricky. But thankfully there are some tried-and-tested classics that are always a good idea. 

This Classic Steak and Stilton Pie is a pub favourite and has a rich flavour thanks to the blue cheese and beef filling. It's finished off with a gorgeously golden and flaky puff pastry and makes a great Sunday lunch alternative that is guaranteed to go down well with all the family. What's not to love!

Chicken pies are another classic and this one with leek is a creamy and warming winner. It's quick to make too, using Asda Ready Rolled Puff Pastry and serves six, so it's ideal if you're batch-cooking.

If you've got leftovers lying around, then pies are a great way to ensure that you have no food waste. This recipe uses leftover sausage and veg but you can swap in any meat so would be a great option for a Monday night dinner if you have leftovers lying around after a Sunday roast.

Let's be honest, there isn't always time to make a pie from scratch – these steak and chicken puff pastry pies are a delicious and easy midweek dinner. Even if you're after something a little fancier, shop-bought is still a great shout and little beats this Extra Special Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie.  

Fish Favourites

If you're looking for a taste of the ocean, fish makes an oh-so-yummy filling. This fish pie, with a secret layer of luscious mushy peas, is a proper crowd-pleaser among the family with puff pastry circles mimicking fish scales. 

For a speedy take on the family-favourite, this Cheesy Fish Pie has a cauliflower topping instead of potato, giving you one of your five-a-day! It takes less than an hour to make too so it's great for pulling together if you're low on time but still hankering after a pie.

Go Veggie

There are lots of great veggie pies out there too! These individual pies are filled with tangy feta, crunchy walnuts and beetroot for an ideal dinner option. The lattice pastry topping is eye-catching if you're looking to impress the family and the beetroot purée throughout adds extra punch. 

For a more classic combo, this cheese and potato pie has an extra-special shortcrust pastry top packed with chives and thyme that make this dish taste even more fragrant. The gooey potato and cheese filling is also a great shout when it's cold outside and only a comforting dinner will do.

Sweet Treats

Pies for pudding? Yes, please! This Chocolate, Caramel and Tahini Tart is a showstopping dessert that tastes even better than it looks. The tahini – made from sesame seeds – adds a hint of nuttiness to this creamy, chocolatey pud. It's quick to make too and serves up to 16 making it perfect for freezing and indulging later.

For a dessert of the fruity variety, look no further than this apple tart. The sweet apples and zingy lemon give the pudding a delicious flavour and using pre-prepped pastry makes it easy to whip up. It takes a while to bake so make sure you leave enough time, although it's definitely worth the wait. 

If you don't fancy baking your own but still want to enjoy a pie-licious pudding, you could pick a classic ready-made pie. We love this Asda Lemon Meringue Pie and this Asda Bramley Apple Pie – both typically stay fresh for three days.