Progrigio sparkling wine

The whole country’s gone mad for Progrigio

Move aside Prosecco - it's all about the new bubbly on the block

By Sarah Alcock, 17 February 2017
The whole country’s gone mad for Progrigio

Yesterday, Asda introduced Progrigio to the world. And today, the whole country has gone mad for it! It's being described as they best thing since sliced bread - and that really was a good thing! A toast to Progrigio! Cheers.

If you haven't read about it already, where have you been? Progrigio is the new sparkling wine that is destined to take Prosecco's place in the sparkling wine hall of fame! And, judging by what the papers are saying, we sure are thirsty for a new brand of bubbly that won't break the bank!







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