6 of the best ways to use up panettone

Stuck for ways to use up that leftover panettone? Look no further...

6 of the best ways to use up panettone

An Italian invention (originally from Milan), panettone is almost as ubiquitous as Christmas pudding these days, come December. A sort of cake/bread hybrid, it's traditionally flavoured with candied fruits, and comes packaged in a pretty box. Although seriously scrumptious served in a big wedge with a hot drink (or boozy alternative), it also makes the most delicious base for other desserts. 

Asda's Extra Special Italian Pantettone is crafted over the course of three days, using a buttery, sultana and candied orange-flecked dough and baked to a traditional recipe. If you're looking for ways to use up that panettone, here are a few simple, delicious and family-friendly recipe ideas... 

1. Panettone tiramisu

This tiramisu is made even more Italian with the inclusion of panettone, soaked in coffee and liqueur and topped with creamy mascarpone. It serves 8 people, so is a great way of making that leftover panettone go further. Sprinkled with flakes of dark chocolate, it looks pretty darn impressive, too.

2. Panettone French toast with mixed berries and Greek-style yogurt

If you're looking to get your hit of panettone as soon as you wake up, look no further than this delicious take on french toast with mixed berries and Greek-style yogurt. The Italian fruit bread has been soaked in creamy vanilla egg custard, fried, then served with fresh fruit and a zesty yogurt. It's a taste of indulgence in one dish! 

3. Berry panettone pudding 

Bread and butter pudding is delicious however you make it – with regular old stale sliced white, croissants, hot cross buns or added chocolate. But this panettone variant might just be the tastiest of all. A mix of fresh raspberries with dried blueberries and cherries adds a bit of festive colour to this creamy pud – just serve with a splodge of cream.

4.Eggy panettone with bacon

Forget eggy bread. It's all about eggy panettone! In this magical brunch-time creation, traditional Italian bread meets creamy eggs and crispy bacon. If you have a sweet tooth you could even top the dish with a glug of maple syrup and lap up all the juices with the sweet bread. Serve this up with a cuppa tea or bucks fizz and you'll be in for a tasty treat!


5. Prosecco & panettone trifle

Another Italian spin on an old English favourite – Prosecco is used in place of sherry in this fruity trifle. Simply drizzle a small glassful over your layers of panettone, before adding the other ingredients. This pistachio-topped showstopper would make a fantastic, lighter (and less time-consuming) alternative to that Christmas pudding, as it delivers a fruity, boozy kick minus the stodge-factor.


6. Winter-spiced almond butter on panettone toast

For a true taste of Christmas in a dish, try this winter-spiced almond butter on panettone toast. Although this is a posh take on the humble breakfast dish of toast, who's to say whether you serve this up for brunch, lunch, or as a treat after dinner? We've toasted our Italian fruit loaf and generously topped it with nut butter, ripe figs and juicy blueberries. Can it get any more festive than that?

Fancy whipping up one of these delicious panettone recipes? Make sure to stock up on everything you need online or pop into your local store.