3 deliciously different savoury yogurt bowls

Glow-up your yogurt bowls with these fun toppers

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3 deliciously different savoury yogurt bowls

When it comes to yogurt at dinner time, traditionally its role has been a cooling drizzle to aid spice – but times are changing! Yogurt bowls are now having their moment, and with these savoury, pile-‘em-high recipes, we can definetly see why.

Whether it's garnished with an egg for breakfast, heaped in vegetables for a lunchtime treat, or topped with roasted chickpeas for a light dinner, yogurt truly takes centre stage in these deliciously different dishes:

Eggy dipper

Turkish eggs are the inspiration for this breakfast dish which sees dill-spiked Greek yogurt topped with a soft poached egg and a fiery chilli butter dressing. Finish with roasted cherry tomatoes for an extra hit of sweetness, and get dipping with crunchy pitta bread.

Vegan super bowl

Come lunchtime, this soya yogurt-based dish is an ideal treat. Top the creamy yogurt with a plant-based power trio of beetroot, roasted grapes and crisp cucumber, and sprinkle with toasted nuts for a crunchy boost.

Chickpea crunch

Transform low-fat Greek yogurt into a dinner with this quick and easy throw-together recipe. Heap lentils, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes on top of the yogurt, and bring a crispy bite to the dish by scattering roasted chickpeas seasoned with turmeric and ground coriander on top. You can also roast the chickpeas in advance for a speedy dinner.

Head to your local Asda store or online to stock up on all the ingredients you'll need to try the yogurt-bowl trend for yourself.