Tilly Ramsay talks cooking, fame and her dad

CBBC star and daughter of celebrity chef Gordon, Tilly Ramsay, 17, reveals why her dad is so proud

Tilly Ramsay talks cooking, fame and her dad

CBBC star and daughter of celebrity chef Gordon, Tilly Ramsay, 17, has her own TV show and book, Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch: Tilly’s Kitchen Takeover. 

Here she reveals why her dad is so proud. 

How do you handle being famous at a young age?

Mum and Dad have helped me stay focused on schoolwork, and cooking at home at the weekend is relaxing. 

What was the first thing you cooked?

Fairy cakes, with Mum, when I was four years old. I was about six when I did them by myself. Baking was an easy place to start.

Best cooking advice from your dad?

Not to give up on a dish, and have fun. He does try to take over in the kitchen, which can be annoying, but he teaches me so much. 

Is it important to you to be seen as a chef in your own right?

Yes! Dad helped me get into cooking and advises me in the kitchen, but I decide on my recipes. He’s really happy that someone else in the family loves cooking, though.

Any celeb you’d like to cook for?

Me and my brother Jack love Ed Sheeran. I’d cook cheeseburgers for him, which I think he’d like because he’s so down-to-earth.

Who do you love cooking for you?

My mum. Her spaghetti bolognese is definitely my desert island meal. She loves healthy food and has introduced us to chia seeds and green smoothies.

Your biggest kitchen gaffe?

Dad once came into the kitchen when I was cooking gyoza and started chatting to me while the dumplings were in the steamer. All the water evaporated from the pan and the steamer caught on fire. I said, ‘Dad, get out! You made it go wrong!’


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Quick supper suggestion?

Pasta with a simple sauce – tinned tomatoes, garlic, onion and the secret ingredient we add at home… Marmite! You only need a teaspoon and it makes the sauce taste great.

Your proudest culinary creation?

For my parents’ 20th wedding anniversary I made a 20-layer rainbow cake – 10 layers of coloured sponge and 10 of icing, which I sprayed silver. It was really difficult, so it felt like a big achievement.

Anything you’re scared to attempt?

My dad’s Beef Wellington – it’s so good. He’s always telling me it has to be perfect, so I’m leaving it a few years before I give it a go!

Tilly's rules

Before you kids take over the kitchen, there are some rules you should know about. If you stick to these, you won’t hurt yourself, make anyone sick or get your parents really cross (hopefully!)

1. Ask permission - However good at cooking you are, Mums and Dads like to know what you are up to in the kitchen, so always let them know before you get started. They will hang around to watch over you, but that’s OK – you might need their help from time to time. 

2. Get ready - Before you start, always wash your hands and make sure your hair is off your face. If you are wearing light-coloured clothes or a favourite T-shirt, put on an apron to keep yourself clean. 

3. Be careful of hot things - Touching hot pans and ingredients will burn and hurt like mad. Always use oven gloves when handling hot pans and keep fingers away from flames, kettles, ovens, etc. 

4. Be hygienic - When you handle raw meat, eggs, shellfish and fish, you need to wash your hands before and after so you don’t spread bacteria and other germs. Make sure you also clean anything that comes into contact with these ingredients, such as knives, boards and bowls

5. Tidy up - A good chef is a tidy chef… or so Mum says. I am a disaster in the kitchen when it comes to mess but I always clean up after myself. 

6. Have fun -  Dad always says that it really shows in the food if you liked cooking it, so don’t get stressed – enjoy yourself!


By Gemma Calvert