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Yes you can: Easy recipes using tinned foods

Make tinned food the star of your next meal...

Yes you can: Easy recipes using tinned foods

Need to rustle up a delicious, easy dinner on a budget?  

Make tinned food the star of the show. Not only is canned food normally much more cost-effective, they often have a much longer shelf life and can last years sat unopened in your store cupboard. 

Plus, did we mention how easy it is using tinned food to whip up a tasty meal in minutes? Check out our recipes below and see for yourself.


Mexican-inspired smoky tomato & bean shakshuka 

This Mexican-inspired tomato and bean shakshuka is what brunch or light lunches are made of. Costing just pennies, the tin of beans turns eggs and beans into a substantial meal, adding bulk and bite along with a tangy kick from the sauce. The humble bean also adds tasty earthiness and texture to this one-pot wonder.  

Thai Style salmon fishcakes with sweetcorn salsa

Stop your scrolling. We've found the perfect next lunchtime dish to treat your tastebuds to. Introducing our Thai-style salmon fishcakes with a side of sweetcorn salsa! The succulent tinned salmon gives these humble fishcakes a luxurious twist and works brilliantly with the punchy, Asian-style flavours. It's also high in Omega 3, which is always a plus. We've loaded up on tinned food for this recipe as we've also used our tinned new potatoes and naturally sweet sweetcorn. Dreamy indeed!


Corned beef hash 

One of the best canned staples? Tinned corned beef! Always having this to hand means you can rustle up an easy, tasty meat dishes, like this hearty corned beef hash, in minutes. Pair it with our tinned new potatoes and a dollop of dijon mustard and you've got a dinner to marvel at!

Feeling inspired to try these dishes? Head over to Asda to pick up these tinned classics