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Tinned foods you don’t need to feel guilty about giving the kids

When you need to fix a meal for the kids in double-quick time, these tinned foods are healthier than you might think

Tinned foods you don’t need to feel guilty about giving the kids

Though tinned food often gets a bad rep, there’s certainly plenty to love about them. They’re great value for money if you’re on a tight weekly budget, plus they have a long shelf life.

Here’s a round of the best guilt-free tinned foods to put on your family’s plates

So to stop you from feeling guilty about serving them up when you need a quick dinner for the kids, or to help your food shopping budget stretch that little bit further, here’s a round of the best tinned foods to put on your family’s plates.


A great source of protein for vegetarians, tinned butter beans are rich in magnesium to help boost muscle function and are a healthy source of fibre and iron too. Add them to soups, chilli and pasta, or serve them up with fresh veggies and rice.


Surprisingly high in protein, iron and fibre, the humble tin of baked beans makes for a great healthy side dish. Serve them up with eggs and brown toast for a healthy breakfast, just keep an eye on the salt and sugar content.

Recipe to try: Billycan beans


As well as vitamin K which is great for strengthening growing bones, tinned tomatoes are packed with the bright red pigment lycopene - an antioxidant experts believe to be good for your heart and bone health. Use them to whip up an easy pasta sauce in minutes with some fresh basil leaves and fried garlic stirred through.


Look for responsibly sourced tinned tuna (in spring water is best) when scouring the shelves. The fish contains plenty of protein and is a healthy source of vitamins and ‘good fats’ too, thanks to fish oils and omega-3. Dish it up with jacket potatoes, or with pasta and sweetcorn.

Recipe to try: Tuna & bean salad


Packed full of fish oils, tinned salmon is a great source of ‘good fats’ and omega-3, as well as vitamin D to help boost skin and bone health. Serve it with pasta, a salad or vegetables for a quick and healthy dinner.


A ready-made meal just waiting in the cupboard, tinned chilli con carne is full of protein as well as iron, making it a great quick dinner choice with healthy benefits. Just add some pasta and you’re done.


Counting as one of your five-a-day, tinned fruits such as blackberries, strawberries, gooseberries and more can be a great longer-lasting alternative to fresh fruit. Watch out for fruits steeped in syrup, as they can contain higher levels of sugar than when fresh.