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Sweet and tangy tomato recipes to celebrate British Tomato Week

Tomay-to, tomah-to...

Sweet and tangy tomato recipes to celebrate British Tomato Week

Tomatoes have a place in everything from salads and sandwiches to pastas, tagines, curries and soups. And not forgetting Bloody Marys!

To celebrate British Tomato Week we’ve selected six recipes where tomatoes really steal the show, adding bags of colour, deep flavours and sun-inspired sweetness to each dish.

And with tomato season just around the corner, let these recipes serve as some inspiration for that bumper crop that’s coming along nicely in your garden...

Fresh tomato sauce

Many Italian chefs will argue that you’ve never tasted a proper tomato sauce until you’ve tasted a fresh tomato sauce

Our recipe uses a mix of vine-ripened tomatoes and baby plum tomatoes to create a chunky texture. A squirt of tomato purée amps up the tomato-y intensity, while fresh garlic and basil add those quintessential Italian aromas. Just add cooked pasta - Bellissimo!

Mediterranean tomato tarts

Sun-dried tomato pesto is an easy way to add some intense tomatoey flavour to everything from salad dressings and soups to quiches and sandwiches. These sweet heart-shaped tarts may look adorable, but they pack some serious flavour thanks to the pesto and crumbled French goat’s cheese

Salmon & vegetable tray bake

Bursting oven-roasted cherry tomatoes add bags of juicy flavour to this succulent salmon tray bake.

The best thing about this easy midweek dinner is that everything takes the same amount of time in the oven - simply chuck in the salmon fillets, par-boiled potatoes, tomatoes and asparagus and leave it to do its thing. After 15 minutes, these gorgeous tomatoes on the vine will be bursting out of their skins with their intensified juices.

Semi-dried baby plum tomatoes

Almost like making your very own sun-dried tomatoes, slowly roasting baby plum tomatoes concentrates their sweetness, perfect for adding to salads, pasta sauces and risottos. Balsamic vinegar brings out the tomatoes’ natural tang, and intensifies their roasted, caramel flavour. 

You won't be able to stop yourself from nibbling on these ruby gems!

Tomato & chilli chutney

Fiery chillies and acidic tomatoes are a match made in culinary heaven. This sweet and spicy chutney made with vine-ripened tomatoes, red onions, Bramley apples, ginger and chilli tastes great with cold meat, cheese, pies and sandwiches. It also makes a great gift, and will keep for up to a year if the jar’s left sealed!

Roasted tomato soup

Tomato soup is a great feel-good recipe to have up your sleep for rainy days or when someone in the family is feeling under the weather. Roasting the vine tomatoes intensifies their delicious sweetness, adding depth and creating a velvety texture. Our recipe includes potato to give it some body as well as our special, (not so) secret ingredient - sweet chilli sauce!

Tuscan basil & garlic panzanella

Fresh tomatoes help to bring old bread back to life in this juicy, Italian salad. A mix of salad tomatoes and plum tomatoes create varying shapes and textures, while thinly shaved fennel adds some sweet, aniseedy crunch. Perfect for summer lunches in the garden, all this Mediterranean salad needs is a glass of wine and a bit of sunshine. Cheers!

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